Facebook launches Camera for iOS with filters and batch uploads, Instagram looks confused

Daniel Bader

May 24, 2012 3:05pm

Facebook has launched a Camera app for iOS that allows users to see photos and albums as well as upload pictures in bulk, with the option of added Instagram-like filters. If this all sounds very confusing, it should: the team began work on the app months ago, before the $1 billion Instagram purchase was even on the radar.

The app is fairly simple: once you log in it shows you a grid list of photos taken on your iPhone. You can choose to share one or many of them — by default it allows you to select multiple images, which is useful — and apply one of 15 included filters. You can also crop, rotate and do basic editing to a photo before uploading it.

The interface is slick — you can swipe up or down to show or hide your friends’ photos at any time — and the camera icon is always present, making it incredibly easy to snap a photo and upload it in seconds. By default the photos are added to your Mobile Uploads folder, and you can tag people in the photo(s) or add a location to the batch.

Camera for Facebook addresses a long-standing problem with the iOS app: that it doesn’t play nice with photos. Batch uploads have yet to be added to Android’s official Facebook app despite an overhaul of its camera interface, but the option is available from third-party alternatives.

What does this mean for fans of Instagram who were looking forward to better Facebook integration? Like not a whole lot. While it’s inevitable that some form of a Facetagram hybrid app is coming in the future,  Instagram is a completely different social network that puts photos first; Facebook makes it easy to entire albums , but downplays the importance of individual shots.

If you’re rocking an iPhone, you’ll want to check out Camera for Facebook for the iTunes Store.

Source: Facebook

  • Treatz

    Nice app, been wondering when they would do this:

    • SAM


    • SAM


  • Dave

    Anyone know of apps that will do all this and will post to (some of) facebook, twitter, tumblr, G+, flicker etc. I know instagram does half of those, I’m just wondering if other apps do more or apps that have better editing and then i can choose from my gallery. Thanks!

    • Paolo

      FB app won’t let you do it. You can use Trendyful for that; multiple photo upload, filters (much nicer), frames, tagging, post to Timeline, Pages, Friends’s Timeline but more importantly to any FB album you have or you create w/ the app. Plus Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Flickr, Dropbox and… even real postcard! It’s free, take a look at it.



  • Really???

    How about having one flawless app Facebook instead of 3 full of bugs ??

    Why having a Facebook app that let you post text or pics, a Facebook chat that let you chat and now Facebook camera ??

    c’mon….. it doesn’t make any sense…

    • Ryan

      It makes a *lot* of sense to have a separate chat app – trying to lump chat into the existing FB app just doesn’t make sense, from a user experience point of view. Now, having a separate photos app? I’m not sure that that is strictly necessary, but I think it’s primarily aimed at competing with Instagram, and allowing users to use Facebook in a similar manner (STRICTLY photo-based) instead of the hodge-podge of all kinds of different things that FB currently lets you do.

  • bill

    I smell a lawsuit coming… Oh… Wait…

  • Jordan Hill

    The GS3 phone is going to rock the world in june!!!!