Update: Samsung Galaxy S III launching June 20th?


  • LaterThisYear

    If they change the release date to “later this year”, that would be a good thing for RIM.

    • Industry Enthusiast

      Unlikely. Samsung is rushing to get this out before “later this year” because they know darn well that once BB10 hits the shelves, no one will buy anything else. At that point it will be game over for Apple and the Android makers. They are scrambling to scoop up as many profits as possible before D-Day comes calling.

    • Maue Golf Center


    • John

      I’ve had Froyo on my Galaxy S for months! It’s deeliervd by your carrier, NOT Samsung, so instead of whinging about Samsung not updating, get onto your service provider Btw, I haven’t had any problems with mine (aside from the GPS lock) however I recently flashed it with Darky’s Rom (very easy process) and now even that is fixed! (and its ALOT faster)Excited to see what the S2 can offer

  • Sean

    Thay would be incredible if they got it out so soon. And if thry all get it at the same time so soon id be all the same version

    • Kevin

      Your post is evidence that a physical keyboard is the best for typing accuracy and speed. Buy Canadian, buy BB. 9900 is for serious, professionals.

    • Migzy

      Wind did comment on a GSIII post on their official facebook page that all carriers would be releasing the GSIII at the same time. This seems to more or less confirm that. But I wish it was sooner.

  • Ricky Bobby

    Every carrier that is except MTS.

    So, so lame MTS

    • Cancuckle215

      I was looking through MTS selection of smartphones. Blackberrys or Apples. LOL

    • Koodo funds my pay cheque

      It would be incredible if we could launch this phone at Koodo when everyone else gets it instead of a year later – just saying!!! Hey Koodo head honchos, give us the good word. Are we launching too? If not, why not?? Samsung sells. All we have now is the Galaxy Ace. Customers are asking for more. Is anyone listening ?

  • Cancuckle215

    Blackberry…it’s now the PalmPilot for this decade. 🙂

    And this doesn’t mean they’re all getting the same device. Just means samsung has got it’s act together with carriers to get it all out.

    I’ll still have mine HOPEFULLY before then. 🙂

  • kris



  • vengefulspirit99

    Bell, I’m ready to throw my money at you

  • dionysaki s

    Samsung said it was going to release the galaxy 3 phone worldwide, so this makes total sense. Good job sammy!

  • Charles

    Swype keyboard beats any bb, the real business professional phone.

  • T1MB1T

    WIND will have the phone for sale in October as part of our Halloween sale! Tony said today that October is the perfect time for the sale! I suggest you do NOT get it from any other source! Wind has the best plans, best coverage and the most megga hurts!


    • All I do is Wind

      Spoke to a Wind CSR today and he confirmed June… They’re trying to stay competitive with all the other carriers coming out in June as well, I agree with the rest, just not your Halloween date…

    • Alex Perrier

      Maybe an orange-coloured version by October, and hopefully the other two colours before. 😛

    • sreno7

      It should be just about time for my hardware upgrade with Bell.
      To those posting that everyone should go with Wind mobile: that is rather difficult when they don’t have coverage nation wide. There is no Wind mobile on Vancouver Island.

  • mike

    @T1MB1T your an i***t man. people should just buy the phone anywhere and then just put in a wind or mobilicity sim, pretty simple. Don’t have to wait till wind or mobilcity releases a phone. you should never be stuck to buy a phone from a perticular cellphone carrier. You should be shopping for the best plan and price from the best carrier for you, and then buy the phone you want anywhere and unlock it, pretty simple.

    • Nathan

      I would love to do that too but Wind gets poor network coverage in Metro Vancouver region. At home, I get 0 bars on my firs floor with Wind while I’m at max with Rogers. When I’m upstairs and near a window, Wind finally gets 1-2 out of 4 bars. If they had better reception, I’d switch right away.

    • T1MB1T

      mike support wind and do NOT buy it from anywhere but wind!!!
      Do not listen to the lies that there is no warranty! There is one and WIND will help you out if there is a problem!!!! No need to contact Samsung just get a gently loved phone that has been tested and is perfect!
      Remember the best plans the most megga hurts and awesome phones! October is a perfect time for a release!


    • daniel

      if i remember right, the only carrier that uses the same frequencies as wind in n. america is t-mobile. all of the other carriers run on different wavelengths.

  • Azzo

    Can’t wait! So exicted to get this beauty into my hands !

  • Gsizzle84

    Hope this beast is getting 2 gig of Ram with the Sanpdragon Dual core.


  • leobg

    Fido seems to be missing the party. Not much use for the pile of Fido Dollars I have collected…

    • Max

      I agree…I have over $120 of Fido dollars and I would use it in an instant for SGS3 if they bring it to Fido.

  • Dylan D

    They were supposed to have a north american GS3 confrence before the release.. does this mean we will be seeing one in the coming weeks?

  • WC

    i thought about going WIND before but my friend decided to go with it for the low price of their plans but whenever he calls me his calls always drop or have bad reception.

    he has a galaxy SII so i know it’s not the phone and the same thing happens when he calls. i’m on Bell but i don’t have this problem with anyone else who calls me and when he calls our other friends on rogers they say the same thing. WIND might be cheaper but the quality just isn’t there yet and he’s in toronto so the coverage can’t get any better

    • salem

      I live in Calgary and I have no issues at all with the audio quality(using nexus s). It’s probably due to population density in Toronto. So no not ALL of winds services are bad quality, probably more in some areas then others.

    • All I do is Wind

      if you go on the Wind Mobile website you can see that they’re updating their network in Toronto on a regular basis, if you’re ok with paying what you’re paying with Bell go for it, but you can’t dismiss Wind!

    • Eluder

      I totally concur; a friend of mine is on Wind using the Nexus and the call quality when I speak to her is terrible in Toronto. Never heard such poor audio quality before with any other carrier to be honest, so yes Wind is cheap, but their network isn’t ready for primetime IMHO just yet.

  • John

    Hey, all you BB people, go F OFF!!!!!

    Your precious BB sucks. At one time they were good, but they fell of the “technology moves forward” bus and are now sitting at the side of the road wondering what the F just happened.

  • MB

    June 20th? that’s my father’s birthday…maybe it’s a sign he’s telling me to get that phone from where he is in heaven…wow Samsung is strong, it really is made for the human emotions…

  • emixam

    All I want to know is what hardware it’s gonna have …

  • sp

    im so torn….i feel like i want this phone…but i want the one from japan.

    so torn…i know however that Samsung will be reaching into my wallet and taking a nice lump sum away from me soon…

  • aregularonhofo

    Oh, here comes the howradforums.com “LOSERS” bluenote73/xtachx/similar cutting up Alex with no reason, they never contribute anything useful and simply lie about Mobilicity all day falsely claiming how great it is while the ship sinks…still terminating abusers I see instead of building towers and everything Alex says is true. Now these morons are trying to destroy this site also and make it as pathetic as HoFo.

    • T1MB0T

      trolls be here!

    • T1MB0T

      aregularh0mo why you feel the need to defend alex? he your underling? He is a troll much like the others. Wind who?

      I thought so.


    No one will buy it in the first 3 weeks anyway, simply people in this cheap land its way too cheap, everyone will wait for the price drop

  • gjeff12

    That page has been up for over 2 weeks now.

  • Dany

    4.8 inch amoled HD screen and 2100Mah battery! Take my money!

    • KingK

      Pentile and 2100 is not big…..

  • aregularonhofo


    Anything you say is meaningless, you’re the troll here never adding anything logical point bashing Wind Mobile just like the idiotic HoFo Fanboys who defend Mobilicity at any cost even lying as that provider slowly fades away…Alex irritates you because he tells the truth and because of this you have to attack with no sensible rebuttal making yourselves look like total fools.

  • ADroid

    Have owned Captivate, SII, and Galaxy Nexus. Great devices, all of them. Looking forward to getting the SIII. My only hope is that they improve the low in-call volume which affected all my Samsung phones.

  • aregularonhofo

    Another point!

    Who cares if Alex works for Wind Mobile or not, insulting/attacking him displays your weakness and lack of intelligence to make a real case against him since he has the right to post (especially considering he makes you losers look like fools)…if you want to insult/attack anyone do it to someone who deserves it like “xtachx” on howardforums.com for his failure to become a Mobilicity employee and then still trolling that site after being made a MOD by Howard to regulate comments against the company. You want mobilesyrup.com to become that pathetic and lose all dignity? You don’t like Alex fine…still he has a right to post his opinions and his comments are far more interesting than the BS the fanboys post.

    • ahmed

      I recently got an SLR (Canon T3) which takes butiaufel photographs, but is heavy for hiking and stuff. I also have a little Canon Powershot which is small – just a little bigger than a phone – Takes pretty good pictures and is easy. I have an older iPhone and am not wild about the photos, but I can’t zoom or anything. The neweer ones are better. Have fun!!

  • Adam

    Im not so familiar with samsung release cycles, but doesn’t new tech come out on a tuesday? 20 June is a wednesday…

  • Cy-Kill

    We, as Canadians, are better off buying the international version, and then getting it put on local carriers, because we are getting the same dumbed down version that the Americans are getting.

  • Kent

    Does anyone know if the Bell/Virgin version of the SG3 will have the S4 Qualcomm or Exynos quad ?
    I am assuming that Bell will support LTE, so the S4 would be the only option ?

  • Billy Bob

    Dats right bell shake dat A$$

  • Yumiko

    First of all these firmwares are ssnmuag official.. to go back to your old firmware you need to download it and install ans above procedure.This is not rooting .. rooting is altogether different procedure. and it voids the warranty