BBM for iPhone and Android reportedly scrapped




    • Mike

      Please scrap BB in all its entirety.

    • MichaeLazaridis

      MichaeLazarid-Non-Independent Vice Chairman of RIM Board.

      He is still there telling Heins what to do, or at least that’s the preception. Lazaridis would be the only top exec that will make the stock go up upon his departure.

      When is the man going to leave??

    • MichaeLazaridis

      Those 55 or 77 million users: just give it another 6 months and see where they go! Remember that Canada is the only country with 3 yr contracts.
      Anywhere else in the world they change phones sooner…and it won’t be RIM devices.

      RIM closed at $10.71 Market cap $5.6Billion. To all that people that say that book value is $18 Billion, or $4 Billion in real estate alone, or $4 Billion in patents. If that was true somebody would have bought it by now…but why pay 5Billion when you can wait two months and get it for 4, or wait for the release of the iphone 5 and get it for 3 or….

      Stock at $9 and Playbook at $99 coming after the Q1 report on June 28th!

    • MichaeLazaridis

      Why would a minority of people (Android, iOS, Windows) get Big Bowel Movement (BBM) in their phones, when they can use apps like “Whatsap”?

      BBM is a propietary technology, So opening it it would only benefit RIM users, but they are a minority. It would be Dead on arrival, with other OPEN alternatives available NOW!

    • MichaeLazaridis

      C’mon! another article based on: “one person familiar with the matter” said that “It was not up for discussion.” However..

      It was suspensful at the begining, maybe even exiting, then it became the norm, and now it’s all they do and it lost the effect, plus nobody cares anymore, the media is going to find another techo-punching bag soon because, now everybody knows that RIM is incapable of releasing FIRM dates, they always over promise and underdeliver and they are always late.
      The only thing for sure is that you can still short the stock for another 6 weeks. after that its risky.

    • InfinitiGuy

      Do you like bashing and talking to yourself?




  • briggs

    nothing new here. move along.

  • Supitstrav

    A coffin only needs so many nails

  • haxor99

    This is the right move for them. If they fail with BB10 then maybe they can follow this direction.

    • Nate

      Ah , No.
      You see the problem is that while it sounds logical what your saying , the Market will have moved ON by then and what is a good idea today just does not work for you anymore a year or more down the road. Today you need to be quick and constantly ADAPT to the ever fast changes taking place in the Cell Market. Just look at Samsung and you can see why there are successfull.
      R.I.M missed the ball , they indeed should haved embraced Android and use it as an ADVANTAGE in any way ,shape or form to bring in more users , more money , more of everything.
      Instead , they have chosen the road that will eventually be there fall.
      Why can so money others see this ? , but not RIM ?

      As a note I work for a large Company in the IT Dept and can honestly say many staff are switching to Android and or Iphone from being previous BB uers.

  • Dewey

    Haha Nortel 2.0 is living up to expectations.

  • mike

    No one needs BBM, whatsapp app works on Blackberry, Iphone, Androids, and Nokia’s and whatsapp is way better cause its cross platform. BBM needs to be scrapped all together.

    • bob

      No one needs whatsapp, because XMPP work on all these platforms, plus many more (such as a Windows PC), and is an open standard.
      People don’t get it. Imagine if email or telephone had gone the way of BBM, Whatsapp & al. Proprietary communication protocol SUCK.

    • Dean

      55 Million BBM users, up 44% from the previous year. Not bad for a ”dying” company.

  • Marc

    I doubt that the RIM servers could handle the load if they opened up BBM to Android and iOS. I think that a conservative estimate would put the load at 2-3 times the norm.

  • Jimmy

    Or here’s a foreign concept. Just text people. Its the same frigging thing.

  • Matt EH

    @Jimmy No. WhatsApp uses data, can be used over wifi. Text relies on your carrier.

  • Jay

    Hey mike how about we scrap you?

  • Mike

    And theres also an awesome app called Dell Voice can be used on Iphone and Android, its a free app, you get a free number you can pick for your city, free caller Id and Voicemail uses wifi or 3g data. No need for a Voice plan anymore. Just get yourself a data plan and save half your bill by deleting a voice plan.

  • Mike

    And you can call any number in Canada and US for free. TO call international you can buy credit for a small fee. Rogers, Bell, and Telus can go to hell cause now people can call absolutely free of charge.

  • Michael

    I would have thought licensing BBM to other platforms would be a no-brainer to generate extra cash for RIM and to keep the brand fresh and persistent in the minds of non-Blackberry users who might some day convert or return back to BB phones.

  • Accophox

    Whatsapp is a lousy name for an application. Just sayin’.

  • Long Anh Hung

    Idiots @ RIM.

    Should’ve adopted Android as your OS and then distribute a BBM app across other Android devices.
    Now I get to see your eventual demise and shout out “I told you so!”.

    • pedro

      Let me tell you, nothing like bbm. Whatspp is rubbish compared to bbm. Try the broadcast stuff, you will have to be adding those contacts you want to send ur message to one after the other. With bbm, there is an option of select all and it is done. 2ndly, iphone ios and androids are too porous. Don’t ever use them for mobile banking

  • Frank

    Meh, I could care less. My friends and I are all content with Kik, since it’s actually the same as BBM but cross platform … (and WAY better than whatsapp imo)

  • iamkennypowers

    its hilarious how apple and android users make fun of BBM but go to youtube and look up “bbm for android” or “bbm for iphone” haha. Everyone knows whatsapp and kik blow

  • Dan S

    Nothing can beat BBM.

  • DenCo

    It would probably not be a bad idea if they we to open it up to Android and iOS users… There are plenty of people out there that do have an iPhone or Android device, but need to interact with BlackBerry users as well.

  • Robert

    They should never let those malware and virus infected iPhones and Androids onto BBM. Let the iPhone and Android wallow in the virulent cesspools they have created for themselves with their crappy security and third rate operating systems. BlackBerry’s are the only devices you can trust, so why let the garbage iPhones and Androids ruin that.

    • Bear

      Disillusioned much?

  • arid

    It may be off of the table now but when bb10 fails I’m sure Microsoft or google will scoop up a nice licensing deal

  • ceribaen

    BBM would be nice for Android and iOS assuming it used encrypted traffic still.

    Biggest fault of Whatsapp is everything is broadcast in the clear. No secure sockets used at all (not familiar with kik).

  • BB

    hey i have an android but I need an app like bbm???makes no sense. No credit to blackberry, but android and iphone will take credit for whatsapp. Maybe they should create a blackberry app to put on your android/iphone so you don’t have to admit you really like blackberry! Sounds like that is what is going on here. Ask any cell phone repair shop which phones you see most….iphones because of shitty hardware, and androids because people screw up the OS when they are playing around with their open source! good luck fixing the ROM then.

  • Nate

    Like it or not lets be honest.
    Who in there right mind! would invest in RIM right now ?

    The Tunnel has any light visibly left.

    IMHO they are too far gone.

    I’m one of those who think RIM is done.

    We will , as time will tell. It won’t be much longer now.

  • GTP20

    I last owned a Blackberry 3 years ago and had BBM, does that mean I’m counted as one of the 55 Million users? I wouldn’t use BBM even if it was available on my phone.

    If you think BBM is the greatest thing going its because you still use a Blackberry and don’t know any better.

  • mike

    Why would anyone worry about BBM going on Android or Iphone anyway, blackberry is going down the tubes, 95% of the population use an Android, 4% Iphonem, half Percent Blackberry, half percent Windows phone. Makes since for everyone to use Whatsapp app. BBM Sucks

  • pedro

    BlackBerry is not dying, it is being killed by the USA media. Don’t forget blackberry is a Canadian phone. Iphone and androids made in America. Conspiracy of the highest order. I can tell you that iphones are nothing but expensive toys. Come on, what is it selling point ? Clear video and images, now; how many times do you watch a movie on ur mobile? Don’t you have a TV? Iphones are itoy

  • Shanif Jivraj

    The iPhone is a piece of crap. I only use Blackberries personally.

    • Jimmy Boyd

      I totally agree shanif!
      That’s why I drive a Kia instead of a BMW or Mercedez. German cars are craps, Koreans makes the best cars in the world.