CWTA: Canadians sent 78 billion text messages in 2011

Forget all the other forms of mobile messaging, such as BBM or Twitter, Canadians still love to text. An email we received from the CWTA shows that 2011 was a banner year for texting in Canada – a total of 78 billion text messages were sent. This is an increase from 56.4 billion in 2010, or a 27.7% increase.

Last December the CWTA reported that Canadians sent 57 billion text messages during the first 3 quarters, which means that Q4 was huge with 28 billion texts. In December alone there was 7 billion texts, or “approximately 227 million messages per day.” As for picture/video messaging, this stat also increased in 2011 to a total of 326.7 million MMS messages.

Solid stats and sure doesn’t look like texting is going to slow down anytime soon.

Source: Txt.ca

  • bummy


  • Zod

    SMS has the advantage of working on every device. Unlike app specific messaging. Most plans allow unlimited texting anyways. I don’t think its going anywhere.

  • Hjdhjdje

    I only text – no bbm, twitter, fb, whatsup, kik, or any of that crap.

  • darel44

    Its fun,and its the fastest way to communicate,and its way cheaper than voice calls, everyone I know is using it now more than voice calling to save money!

  • James vond

    This news is about as relevant as saying “Canadians used the bathroom 50billion times last year”.

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