Rumour: OLED Association says Samsung Galaxy S III to have a 4.6-inch Super AMOLED HD Plus, release in May

Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S III is almost guaranteed to improve on its predecessor in every way, and with Samsung’s consistent history of going one generation Pentile, one generation full RGB, we’re set for the first non-Pentile Super AMOLED HD display.

According to OLED Association, Samsung’s new manufacturing process for AMOLED displays will incorporate a phosphorescent green subpixel to every pixel, reducing overall power consumption by lessening the brightness necessary for certain tasks. As the human eye is most sensitive to green light, it appears more prominent than other colours, allowing displays to “trick” the retina into thinking there is more light than there is. Apparently the new OLED display will be more “competitive with the [iPhone’s] retina display at white levels of 40%, while significantly outperforming LCDs for images and video.” This extra subpixel is going to accompany a full RGB palette, qualifying it for the “Plus” moniker.

The display is expected to be 4.6-inches diagonally, giving it a pixel density of 319ppi. The Association posits that the phone will ship in May, which aligns with many of the other rumours we’ve heard in recent weeks.

Now all we need is more concrete information on what processor the device will use and we’ll be able to rest easier.

Source: OLED Association
(Thanks Hugo!)