Rumour: OLED Association says Samsung Galaxy S III to have a 4.6-inch Super AMOLED HD Plus, release in May


  • Arseni

    This phone is going to be a problem!!


    • James Poulton

      How do they expect this to compete against the Blackberry 9900 with those crappy specs. Will it have any apps?

  • Jim From K-Mart

    Battey life! Battey life! Battey life! Battey life!

    That’s the MAIN thing I want to see improved in all the new phones that are coming out!

    • Sean

      Agreed my Galaxy nexus lasts two hours of screen on before it dies. That means it is dead at like 3 PM on a normal day

    • leobg

      @Sean – My Galaxy Nexus lasts 12+ hours with 4+ hours screen on. And I read that’s common. Something must be wrong with yours.

  • Dalex

    I’m trying to throw money at the screen, but it won’t take it!!! Maybe if I insert my credit card? Maybe if I mail my wallet to Samsung they will send me this phone?

    • sp

      i have the same problem. the screen wont accept the bills. no input for the credit card…

      so i directly gave Samsung my banking information to withdraw the cost of the phone. also added them to my will, just cause they are awesome like that

      cant wait for the SGS3…. *happy dance*

    • Shamu

      who is getting it first?? Please Telus !! Give us the good news !! PLEASE !!

  • bob

    Wow. Once again Samsung will have the best display.

  • aviking

    4.6 is the only think I am not crazy about with this phone if the rumours end up being true. I would prefer something a little bit smaller in the 4.3 range.

  • zayne

    is it just me or does the above picture look like a pentile display as opposed to an RGB?

    • Bilal Akhtar

      You’re right. It’s a Pentile display. Mobile Syrup chose the wrong image for this post.

  • RP

    I hope Samsung realises they will soon run out of superlatives for their display technology.. what will they call it after Ultra Extreme Super Amoled HD Plus Mega Max

    • Pac

      They should call it the Retina HD and watch heads explode.

  • Green

    So now everything on the screen is going to have a greenish hue to it because of this extra green pixel. And it will eat battery life.

    • Me Ted

      Or not.

    • S2556

      I dont think you read that part of the article right… try again

  • John

    I was going to get the new HTC One X. Now I’ve got to wait for this to come out. I’m hoping it’ll kick the X’s a*s.

    • Boojay

      Doubt it. The One X is super sexy, not what one normally associates with Samsung phones.

    • bob

      Who cares if a phone is sexy or not? Get a life.

    • Tomatoes

      HTC VW Beetle and Smart Car looking designs are the farthest thing from sexy. The Xperia line of phones are sexy. Samsung and LG are still way above HTC and their fat, large, and round designs although the newest HTC’s are fat anymore.

  • spen

    This will be a killer if its S-Pen compatible

  • Boojay

    I’ll reserve judgement until we know the physical size of the phone and construction material. Samsung uses quality parts has amazing screens, but where they always fail are those two aforementioned aspects. Touchwiz isn’t a problem because I can always root and replace with something else.

    • Tomatoes

      Samsung uses pretty durable materials. Also, if the screen is 4.6 inches, the size will be better than the One X fat 4.7 already.

  • wp74life

    please stop calling erverything super dh plus mega gige. A super amoled HD Plus …. C’mon

  • AhCup

    Samsung just win the competition of longest name for a screen once again.

  • Cyrano

    guess I’ll wait for the jerry beans nexus. rumor said it can cast light saber like a Jedi

  • Phoneguy

    These phones coming out are all s**t.

  • Ryab

    Too bad its gonna ship with gingerbrad. But wait 38 months n itll have android boston creampie

    • Amanda

      Your Jealous that your phone isn’t as awesome as Samsung devices and you know it.