CWTA: Canadians have sent 57 billion text messages so far in 2011, already surpassing 2010 totals


  • Quantos88


    That’s a lot!

    The 224 million messages per day is quite stunning, that means you get about 7 messages per person if everyone in canada is doing it (used 30 million citizens approximation). Considering that you got a lot of people still not using cellphones, or not using text messages, it’s sure that you end up with a lot of people that send a truckload of messages every day.

  • MIJ

    Wow… Imagine how much the big three rip us off.

  • Kid.Canada

    Funny cuz I barely text cuz most of my friends are on bbm.

  • TheTigerTek

    I send about 100 BBM messages per day.. lol

  • Mark

    My girlfriend helps a lot these statistics lol she sends me over 100 sms everyday because she doesn’t use voice.

  • Mathieu

    It’s lame if you ask me.

    Text messages usage should go down now that everyone should have a data plan with “unlimited” mail, instant messaging…

  • Betty Koyle

    I text my friends 24/7.. so much easier then calling…

    its because the amount of students…. I would send/receive about 500 a day…

  • Zod

    Alot of plans include unlimited texting, so it doesn’t suprise me.

    No one I know really uses BBM. SMS is the one universal way to send instant messages to each other.

  • Kenny

    Most of my communication is through text, GTalk, or Twitter.

    I rarely make actual phone calls now, too much blahblahblah involved, instant messaging is usually straight to the point.

  • Leifer

    I’d expect this graph to flatten even further. More and more people have data plans and can move to Whatsapp etc. A Text add on no longer makes sense for smartphones

  • Mike

    94% of my communication is through Text messaging. 2% through whatsup app on my android. and 1% through emails, 2% through Facebook ,and only 1% very rarely calling anyone. Calling is so inconvenient, you have to stop what your doing and talk on the phone blah blah, and half your conversation is listened by other people in public. Text messaging you can respond when its convenient for you, and still continue doing what your doing such as watching tv or movie etc. and also no one can hear your conversation while your texting.