CWTA: Canadians have sent 57 billion text messages so far in 2011, already surpassing 2010 totals

Texting is still increasing in Canada – The Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA) has compiled a set of Canadian text message stats. In Q3 2011 Canadians sent 19.5 billion, basically the same number as they reported in Q2 2011. However, we still have the busy Q4 period and so far the total number of texts in 2011 has risen to 57 billion, blowing right passed the total of 56.4 billion in 2010. In addition, the CWTA reports this is an 60% increase over the 2009 numbers of 35.3 billion texts messages sent.

Other notable Q3 stats shows September as the biggest month with 6.7 billion text messages, representing 224 million messages per day. As for mulitmedia messages (MMS), the first nine months of 2011 total 223.7 million MMS, with September once again being the dominant month with an average of 999,037 MMS messages per day, up from 852,121 per day in June 2011.

Source: CWTA
Via: txt