New CyanogenMOD mascot Cid represents the maturation of an open-source brand

Daniel Bader

April 5, 2012 12:27pm

CyanogenMOD has always been something of a strange beast. It’s been the most popular of the Android custom ROMs, garnering huge public attention (and scrutiny) over the last three years, despite not charging a cent for its product. As open source projects go, it’s a success, used by over one million people across 70 devices worldwide. It’s been translated into almost every imaginable language, and has spawned a whole generation of Android modders to think differently about their phones; we’re no longer stuck with the skinned and often dated software our phones came with.

To that end, CyanogenMOD is introducing a new Mascot, Cid (Cyanogen ID), to the world. According to a blog post written about the change, the new mascot “will be unique for CyanogenMod and provide an identity and attitude by which the project can continue to develop – a mature Android OS … We believe we’re more than just “stock Android for a zillion devices”, and we felt the need for a distinct identity; a change was needed.”

The old mascot, the ‘Droid bug on a skateboard, was actually developed under a Creative Commons license from Google, who owns the rights to the Android logo. But as AOSP diverged from CyanogenMOD, it made sense to change the very representative of the brand. And because the internet is inherently anonymous, many of the hard-working coders (except for Steve Kondik, Cyanogen himself) are faceless, nameless people, going only by their ephemeral handles.

Cid also appears far less complacent than the previous mascot, with a subtle menacing smirk about him that upholds the vanguard ideology of CyanogenMOD itself. To read all about the Cid from the designer himself, head on over to the CyanogenMOD blog.

Source: CyanogenMOD blog
Via: The Verge

  • KM

    It looks sinister.

    • D

      I agree, but I think it fits the CyanogenMOD attitude of being a bit of a rebel and sticking it to the man.

    • Tom

      I agree that it looks sinister, and this surprises me.

      I thought they wanted branding that took them more mainstream.

  • Apple4Life

    Why couldn’t they just make it the original android robot but in cyan? FAIL


  • Non

    I like it, mature, self confident and powerful

  • monsterduc1000

    The crew at CM are amazing!!! Love using there roms!

  • SAM


  • Matt

    It’s not good. It will scare ppl off.

  • Zeake


  • Joe

    Looks like a cross between Pitpat and the Greendale Human Being.

  • Aaron Stilt

    Cid is a black guy’s name… 🙁
    What gives?

  • UUUiiin

    The head is a little scary but not actually too unpleasant. The body is… odd. Big and wide and odd.

  • badmojo

    Cid looks like he is going to brick your phone and then spit fire acid in your face. When dealing with something that voids your warranty, can harm your device (potentially), cause bug issues ect I don’t think the best logo is a creature that looks like it will not only do all that on pourpose but enjoy it while it does it. To grow means new adopters to your offered product … this will not make new people eagerly want to start Modding with confidence.

    That’s just me. Not saying it should be a puppy with a bow in its head but an angry ashole looking thing isn’t rebellious … its stupid branding.

  • badmojo

    At least give it a smile, like its happy you chose to mod your device. I get an uneasy anxiety looking at that thing lol :s

  • GreenManiac

    Aliens got that logo on their bathroom doors inside of their spaceships! Personally I think it looks alright. I prefer that to the one that has been announced previously with the lego hands. I like that he looks kinda mean.

  • dizzle

    For all the awesome work the cyanogenmod team does, I could care less what the logo looks like. You want to put a Turd as the new logo? Go for it! Just keep on giving me that CM crack!