BlackBerry 7.1 updates: Mobilicity Curve 9360, Bell Torch 9860 and 9810

Daniel Bader

March 19, 2012 4:19pm

RIM has been very busy releasing BlackBerry 7.1 to various Canadian carriers. In the last month we’ve had Sasktel, WIND, TELUS (again), Virgin and Bell getting updates to their various devices, and today we have  a few more certifications.

Mobilicity has released BlackBerry for the Curve 9360, which brings BlackBerry Tags and mobile hotspot to the inexpensive device.

Bell has released BlackBerry for the Torch 9860 and 9810.

If you have one of these BlackBerry devices, plug it into your computer, open up Desktop Manager and get updating! If you want to go about it the App Loader way, you’ll have to download the .exe file, unpack it and install it manually.

Source: Crackberry (2)

  • Bobby Beckoner

    Just die RIM. Just die.

  • Torch9810MobiUser

    Bobby? Can you die please? Jump in front of a moving truck on the freeway please? K, thanx, bye!

    • Blah blah blah

      overly patriotic guy clinging to the the rim bandwagon because he thinks every Canadian company needs to succeeded despite how much of a downright horrible job they’ve done over the last few years, can you die as well?

  • Jim

    RIM should have gone on March break. Permanently.

  • Ivan

    Granted RIM is not the bleeding edge of tech. Find me 3 android companies that update all (and I mean all phones) of their phones in as timely a way. Perhaps our overly patriotic iTard posters above would like to follow their own advise.

  • OverpricedNokias

    If they put two engineers to update OS 7.x its just something they can’t afford. They should put the receptionist and security guards to write code for BB10 !
    RIM just doesn’t get it!
    11 days for Q4 report! like it or not its going to be a reality touch for shareholders and no ammount of “leapfrogging” will keep the stock above $13.
    They better get on working on the next Buzz word, that and Rumours is the only thing they seem to make these days.

  • OverpricedNokias

    ONE weekend of sales of a minorly-updated ipad Equals TWO TIMES ALL playbooks EVER MADE!

    …And they release an update to OS 7 and you are not able to BUY a BB10 phone until the first week of October??