Google expands Montreal office, pimped out with a games room, workout room, music room and daily meals


  • Sean

    Glad to see them use a lot of local material and artists for the offices

    Also you have to admit Google offices sound awesome

  • shoo

    People employed by google dont “go to work” they “go to fun”.

  • PkaTka

    Usually I hate on Google, but I do like the fact that some of the American companies make some investments in Canada.

  • zzZZzz

    Hmm… maybe I’ll pay them a visit, drop a CV while at it 🙂

  • Dalex

    Ummm? Are they hiring?, because ‘WoW’ is an understatement.

  • benji

    If this was a Bell, Telus, or Rogers office, everyone would complain about how their “oligopoly” situation is unfair, leading to increased profits that they end up “wasting” on expensive decor for their lavish offices in high cost areas such as urban cities versus Mobilicity and Public who struggle to survive and lease cheap rental buildings on the outskirts of the city…. but since it is google, it’s cool! despite the fact that Google *IS* a virtual monopoly on web search and online advertising. amazing.

    • Rob


      “…Keeping in mind this isn’t yet the official comScore release, the following are the numbers for February:

      Google: 66.4 percent (vs. 65.4 percent a year ago)
      Bing: 15.3 percent (vs. 13.6 percent a year ago)
      Yahoo: 13.8 percent (vs. 16.1 percent a year ago)
      Ask: 3 percent (vs. 3.2 percent a year ago)
      AOL: 1.5 percent (vs. 1.7 percent a year ago)…”

  • Bobby Beckoner

    are girls included too?

  • IAK

    the office “experience” sounds like thick frame glasses with lenses, skinny jeans on a dude and beanie hat somehow made their way into ikea+recycling+hemp milk+art sensibility. It’s wankery at it’s best!

  • Spartacus

    I would KILL to work there…

  • marc

    Now I knoe where I want to work!

  • IAK

    Awesome. So google opened up a call centre with all the fashion sense of lensless glasses and beanie hats.

  • Johnn

    Actually, the GOOGLE location in Kitchener ON, not Waterloo, ON.
    Just for the record . . . .

  • Frustrated

    I find it interesting that Google has 3 Canadian offices, but not a word out of them as to what is delaying Google Voice for Canada. Dell Voice seems to have many of the features of Google Voice including 911 support, but Google is silent about whether it’s a regulatory or technical snag (or any explanation). Maybe somebody in the media with access to them should pester them until an answer is forthcoming.

  • vn33

    I bet I’ll be happy there just being a caretaker !

  • WhoCares