SaskTel BlackBerry Curve 9360 upgrade to OS v7.1.0.219 now available


  • chall2k5

    cmon Wind we’re looking at you!

    • This Is Huge

      RIM is back in a huge way!

  • wordmissing

    “RIM is back in a huge way!”
    – I think you mised a word; maybe you tried to say:
    “RIM is GOING back in a huge way!

  • Drew

    I just bought a Mobilicity 9810 for $299 (and their $40 unlimited everything plan with included BIS) and very much want this upgrade to complete the system. It’s the reason I bought this partiuclar phone! My TouchPad wants to connect through you!

  • thepriceiswrong

    -Nexus S is $300 outright
    -BB Curve 9300, Fido is selling it for $99 prepaid.
    -RIM needs to keep as many people in the ecosystem until the “latter part of the year”
    -9360 sells for $300
    -9790 sells for $400

    They should stop spending $$ in being lame, sorry “being Bold” ads and put the money into price reductions:
    This will put the 9790 with an officially discontinued OS7 on par with a Nexus S with Android 4 out of the box and still upgradeable for another yr. As it is the 9790 could be even $50 too expensive; but this gives you an idea of how high the BB prices are; if they can’t compete with specs, they should compete with price, after all all the models are pretty much the same and they should have a high profit margin, which could allow them to reduce price and STILL make $$; this is not the case with the playbook.
    RIMM: $13.15 will be in the low $12s in three weeks when they release the Q4 report and will drop to $11 after that…..And its only April!
    They better reduce their prices now!!
    8530 retailing for $150 are you kidding me??

  • Deutschlaender

    And i’m still waiting for my offical 7.1 OS update for the 9900.

    I thought the 9900 was supposed to be the flagship blackberry for RIM and the big three.

    Carrier updates are the worst thing ever invented.

  • Mobiladvisor

    If the haters for RIM get their way, we will see no choice left in the market, aside from do you want this android, or that one, or maybe this one? Apple/Samsung fanboys and girls will take over the world and start telling people we can’t buy anything else because it would be against their religon.

    What happened to freedom of choice? I do not give a crap if RIM sucks, it adds to the CHOICE I have to purchase something, I do not like having 2 viable options in the market, being Android and IOS.

    Having RIM, having Windows Mobile, allows Android and Apple to make their products better, it’s called competition, doesn’t matter if the competition is not as good as you, it will be unless you make something better, and hence better products come out.

    So to the haters, open up your minds and understand that maybe a BB is not meant for YOU, stick to your Iphone for another 10 years…