HTC Endeavour to sport on-screen keys, 720p Super LCD screen, no microSD slot

Daniel Bader

February 16, 2012 4:38pm

More details are emerging about the upcoming HTC “hero” device, the 4.7-inch Endeavour, which we recently saw renamed to the One X. The device will not have any hardware capacitive buttons, which contradicts the initial renders, but the device has had a long development life so we’re not surprised there have been some design changes.

The screen is expected to be Super LCD, which, like the Verizon-only Rezound, will not have a PenTile matrix. A standard green/amber notification light will be somewhere in the grill, too, which we’ve come to love from HTC. Don’t expect a microSD card slot to round out the 32GB internal storage, though.

Due to space limitations, the Endeavour will have a microSIM slot, and and a 1800mAh battery, a little small for our tastes. Let’s hope the Tegra 3 processor is efficient to keep it running long enough for our needs. Though there won’t be a LTE version, at least at first, the baseband will peak at 21Mbps down and 5.76Mbps up. Expect dual-channel WiFi access, too, as well as GPS, Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC.

Camera will be a backlit 8MP sensor, much like the one in the excellent HTC Amaze, though we’re not hearing anything about a dedicated shutter button.

In terms of software, test builds are currently running Android 4.0.3 but expect it to be released with 4.0.5.

Excited about the Endeavour/One X? Is this phone good enough to bring you back to the HTC fold? Let us know.

Source: MoDaCo

  • Jay Jay

    Great specs, build and quality, sounds like HTC is getting back to their roots!

  • Marc

    Sounds great to me, I think that this is my next phone.

    Things that sound disappointing (until officially confirmed) are the screen (was hoping for Super AMOLED) and microSD card slot.

  • howitzer

    Ugly bulky heavy(looking) bloated with less than 2000mAh of juice…


  • Cody

    So glad HTC is keeping the 4 buttons!

    • B.W.

      It says they aren’t keeping the buttons even though they are on the render.

  • baconeater

    AWS please!

  • m82a1

    no microsd – no thanks.

    • Rio

      Forever Stuck in the past lol.

      Get with the times buddy.

  • bummy

    No memory card slot seems like a new trend.

    It does make the phone faster since anything saved on your sd card will directly affect the interaction speed of your device depending on how fast the card/card-reader is….

  • kenypowa

    This is great news. Great hardware + latest software + toned down Sense, and HTC is finally establishing its own series like Galaxy S lines.

  • Jay

    I assume the phones with tegra 3 will also utilize the “5th core “?

  • android fan

    Htc build a lot of good phone unfortunately a lot of them get to canadian late same thing goes for samsung. So with the vivid and the endeavor come out things are looking good for htc

  • Victor

    No sd card. Its what I feared. Looking at the render I couldn’t figure out if it would be possible to open the phone. Looks like its not. Unless the plate around the camera comes off. But if thats it then it looks like the battery isn’t replaceable either… sad.

  • Mike

    SGS3 Will rule them all!

  • jon_d0e

    no quadrant scores no want.

  • zzzZZZZzz

    This lack of microSD slot trend should stop before it takes off. Though honestly 32GB are more than enough for myself, I do like the freedom to backup my stuff on an external card if I need/want/feel like it.

    I hope that the battery is at least replaceable…

  • John Mack

    No LTE? Seems a bit weird they didn’t include it. I guess they haven’t made the progress they were hoping for with regards to battery life.

  • Richard

    A future phone without LTE, stupid, wait till apple puts it on there IPAD 3 then we’ll see adoption. I’m out on all phones waiting for the SGS3!

  • Susan

    I have the HTC Amaze and I love it! HTC makes solid devices. I was so sure that I was going to buy the HTC Endeavour/One X, but with the lack of an external sd card slot, I might not buy it. I’ve owned a number of phones with internal memory only and a couple of them died on me and I ended up losing everything. I know it’s my fault to not backup my stuff on a weekly basis. But let’s face it, not everyone remembers. I feel more at ease if it had an external memory card slot. Also the 1800mAh battery for a quadcore device is not large enough to last you a day of use. My Amaze has a 1730mAh battery capacity and it barely lasts me an entire day depending on what I’m doing. I love HTC, but the lack of external memory card slot and small capacity battery concerns me.

  • Jer

    4’7… *leaves*

  • Ramy Hany Ayash

    1800 MAH….no thanks, won’t risk it this time specially with a 720p screen and tegra 3

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