Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S to receive OTA Android 4.0.5 update by March


  • Anon

    Nice. Looks like the S2 is getting updated to ICS in March as well.

    • bob

      Add 3-6 months for a Canadian release. Our carriers suck.

    • Mark

      Bob, this is a Nexus. The Carrier’s have nothing to do with is and have no say in the rollout of Nexus updates.

      Our regional build is yakjuux which is built with some unknown degree of work by samsung then gets released directly from Google’s servers. It will come, people just need to be patient.

    • roger

      Running official 4.0.3 on Nexus S

  • Matt

    My Nexus s is still on 2.3.6. I really want ICS soon (my phone isnt rooted). this is in france though I hope this means we will be getting it around the same time.

  • pt

    I have a nexus with telus and only have 4.0.1. Is this normal?

    • Mark

      pt, yes, it is normal for you to have 4.0.1. All Canadian builds are yakjuux. Google does they yakju build then it seems they contract the rest of the regional builds out to Samsung which takes a few weeks. In this case they encountered some bugs back in december with yakju which caused the whole process to be delayed even longer. 4.0.2 is now rolling out on a region by region basis but not in Canada yet.

    • Nick

      You’re lucky you got the I9020A OTA before they pulled it! I got sick of waiting (Koodo) and rooted + updated. ICS on Nexus S is SWEET!

  • Zak

    Still stuck on 4.0.1 wtffff

  • jw

    i’ve got a GN with bell and i’m still stuck with 4.0.1. ridiculous

  • Guy

    2.3.6 Here in Montreal (Rogers) Not rooted.

  • Julie

    My Nexus S is stuck on 2.3.6 (with Fido).

  • Joe

    4.0.1 on a rogers gnex here. What does 4.0.5 bring to the table?

  • Eric

    Forever 4.0.1… Virgin mobile.

    • milesclarence

      same here.

      I’m sad to see so many other people stuck on 4.0.1, however, it’s good to know I’m not the only one failing to obtain the update.

  • Calvin

    Oh no!!! reason why i bought Galaxy Nexus is i thought its “updates were fully administered by Google” …. now i’m stuck with 4.0.1!!

  • euanlowe

    I’m in UK using an American nexus s on giffgaff…and I’m still stuck on 2.3.6 as well

  • Tyler

    4.0.1 on Bell.

    I’m not *too* worried about being on 4.0.2 because it really wasn’t a large update worth worrying about that much, however when 4.0.5 hits I’ll likely install the Google factory image to make sure I’m on a build updated by Google and not Samsung so it will be done in a more timely manner in the future.

  • K

    2.3.6 on nexus s still on crappy fido

  • Jeff

    4.0.1 on Rogers. One of the reasons I held out for the Galaxy Nexus was the whole “pushed updates from Google” instead of having to harass Rogers to push an update – but here we wait…

  • endless

    I was on 4.0.1 with Rogers. I updated to 4.0.2 myself about a week ago by flashing it to yakju.

  • Bad Apple

    My NS is on 4.0.3 and it works beautifully… Wonder what 4.0.5 will bring…

  • chasiu

    looks like canadians got the screw job? also on 4.0.1 on bell gnex

  • Preacher

    Im on Telus and on 4.0.1, where did you hear most canadians are on 4.0.2?

  • hinds

    I am currently on 4.0.2 on my rogers gnex. I flashed the google build of yakju to my nexus so as to obtain updates from google. I was bumped up as soon as i flashed the device.

    • maxpayne

      how do you flash the google image? anyone??

  • Sam

    My Nexus on Telus is still on 4.0.1. Reps I’ve talked to are still under the impression that Google will provide the upsate, though that’s been confirmed to not be true.

  • Mark

    “Here in Canada, there are reports that some users are still stuck on Android 4.0.1, though most users should have been bumped to 4.0.2 already.”

    Incorrect. The Canadian Galaxy Nexus builds have not rolled rolled out 4.0.2 at all. Every week a new region seems to start rolling out, but not ours yet. The only Canadians who would have something other than 4.0.1 would be people who bought a specific device online or off Canadian soil or people who manually flashed an update.

  • Sam

    @Hinds Do you have a link or tutorial you can provide detailing how to flash the build? I’d like to do this.

  • djino

    Still on 4.0.1 (Wind Mobile).

  • h00ch

    Nexus S with 2.3.6 still. Wind Mobile in Canada

  • roman129

    Updated my aws Nexus S with 4.0.3 with the manual download link the night it was released.

    My Virgin Galaxy Nexus (on Wind) was the one updated by Samsung, but the first thing I did when I got it was to flash it with the yukju build that changed the update stream to Google. So I’m on 4.0.2 now, and I’m expecting that 4.0.5 will arrive as soon as Google pushes it out the door.

  • Howard

    Nexus S (T-Mobile version) used on Wind Mobile running Android 4.0.3 (OTA update)

  • Naamat

    I have a Galaxy Nexus on Rogers and I am stuck on 4.01!!

  • Fred

    2.3.6 with Videotron, not Rooted either.

  • Dave

    2.3.6 on nexus S through rogers. I still check every day!

    • BeePeep

      Same here. Still waiting and checking every day!

  • Mike

    I have a Nexus S from WIND running 4.0.3. This is the OTA update Google was pushing and then suddenly pulled. Someone posted the download link on Reddit so I pulled it down straight from Google’s servers and flashed it in recovery. It’s working great for me. 🙂

  • Ja Rule

    Got tired of Google’s silence regarding when the i9020A would receive ICS.. Rooted it and flashed Kustom Kream (essentially stock 4.0.3 with an updated radio) No issues whatsoever…

  • Sean

    Nexus S 2.3.6 (wind) but i’m down in the states

  • Richard

    I am still stuck on 4.0.1 sadly. I don’t see why they would have Samsung administer the updates, they seem to be backpedaling in the fight against fragmentation.

  • Taylor

    Still on 4.0.1 (Rogers). Thinking about just YAKJU and being done with it.

  • PGill

    I am currently on 4.0.2 on my Rogers Samsung Galaxy Nexus. I flashed the google build of yakju to my nexus and got the 4.0.2 update rightaway.

  • Dave

    Bell GNexus, still on 4.0.1 and my NS is 2.3.6

  • Khristopher

    Nexus S on 4.0.3
    No MMS functionality. I really hope this will be fixed in the new update!

  • Sheldon

    Nexus S with Telus, still on 2.3.
    Does anyone know when Telus is releasing ICS for Nexus S?

  • Darren

    Still stuck on Gingerbread 2.3.6 on my stock Nexus S from good old Mr. Burns, er, Rogers. Unlike many here I’m willing to wait for a bug-free experience that won’t kill my battery faster than it already does. Right now everything works, so I’m not willing to leap off a cliff just to get ICS.

    • mojito

      good on you Darren wish I had stuck with gingerbread I miss how great it was ICS sucks for me

  • harpoon

    Flashing your build is the key to freedom from Samsung’s knuckle-dragging and mainlining from the Goog.

  • Mo

    Nexus S on WIND running 4.0.3 manual download. There is a good number of Canadian users on 4.0.3. I’m sure it’s not the majority but still a large enough user base.

  • Ja Rule

    @Darren There are no bugs, no battery drain… as per my post above. My battery life is actually better than on 2.3.6.. You’re afraid to root, and you;re afraid to flash a custom rom. You can admit it.

  • Jim R

    Still at 2.3.6 on my Nexus S with Koodo.

  • clk64

    Had my Galaxy Nexus for almost 2 months now, still running 4.0.1 on Wind network. Is there anyone on Wind running 4.0.2 on their GN?

    • Mark

      The fact that you’re on Wind is irrelevant. All Canadian GN’s are the same build and that build has not started to roll out yet.

  • yadeed

    Nexus S, still stuck 2.3.6 on crappy koodo

  • Roger

    Galaxy Nexus on Virgin Mobile: 4.0.1. No change since December!

  • ehoustoun

    Nice to finally have some news on an update for the Nexus S since the release was yanked back in december.

  • newuser1

    4.0.1 on my Galaxy Nexus (Rogers/Canada)

    I think given the issues some people had with 4.0.2 and 4.0.3 it’s good they’re giving extra care to 4.0.4/4.0.5. But still the waiting kind of sucks.

    Hopefully once those make it out to all regions, then the next updates are on a closer schedule for all.

  • TheHeeyyy

    I have a Nexus S (Mobilicity) on 4.0.3 (manual update).

  • scott

    rogers nexus s 2.3.6 not rooted and still have the 3G search bug 🙁

    • Jay

      Same with me, but with Koodo. 2.3.6 with the 3g search bug

  • Mullwell

    2.3.6 on a Koodo Nexus S connected to Rogers.

  • Damien

    Galaxy Nexus on Wind with 4.0.1, the curse of the staggered role out, it can take a month to give it to everyone, and Google does it based on the region you are located in.

    Oh well compiling the latest ASOP. Love this phone!

  • Michael

    4.0.1 Galaxy Nexus on Wind…anyone know what 4.0.5 will bring?

  • LeDerpino

    Stuck on 4.0.1 with telus GNex

  • Winston

    2.3.6 Nexus S on Wind


    MY Galaxy Nexus is running 5.0.2 Jelly Bean 🙂

  • Martin

    I had the nexus s that was on 2.3.6 and i just recently got the galaxy nexus that is stuck.on 4.0.1 whenever i check for an update it says i have the latest version

  • Dshroyer

    Running custom ROM 4.0.3 Bugless Beast ICS. You guys really should try custom ROMs, they are fast and are constantly updated. If you have an issue you can contact the developer very easily.

  • monsterduc1000

    NS on 2.3.6 with Telus. Impatiently waiting for my “Pure Google” phone to be updated with an OFFICIAL release…

  • Adriel

    A Virgin Galaxy Nexus on Rogers network. 4.0.1

  • johnnoi

    Had my Nexus S for about 8 months from Koodo.
    Does anybody have a step by step procedure for upgrading to ICS 4.0.3? 🙂

  • EmperumanV

    Still on 4.0.1 on the Galaxy Nexus initially from Bell – yakjuux build.

  • rich

    Got 4.0.2 pushed a while ago. Not rooted/custom rim. On mobi, phone from craigslist, likely from UK.

  • MrMarvelous

    I too have 4.0.1 with my Galaxy Nexus. Thinking about heading to xda.

  • Derek

    Nexus S – Bell – 2.3.6 I would loooove some ice cream, I check every couple days… no updates…

  • Jake

    Bell galaxy nexus – still stuck on 4.0.1… would like auto reconnect for saved wifi networks. Where is my update bell?!

  • Jake

    Correction… where is my update google?!

  • Qorp

    Telus, Nexus S, still on 2.3.6 sucks to be a Nexus S owner right now…

  • Jude Brown

    2.3.6 NS with Koodo.

    Windows Phone 8 looking good. Sick and tired of dealing with these i****s.

  • Harperwearsawig

    Nexus S (Wind) 4.0.3, works fantastic.

  • Thas

    Still on 4.0.1 on my Galaxy Nexus which is to be expected at this time in Canada I suppose.

  • Ja Rule

    @johnnoi try looking on Google..

  • Joe

    How do all you Nexus S users still have gingerbread? I’ve been running ICS since November, learn how to root and flash 4.0.4 already. It’s not that hard and way better than being stuck on 2.3.6

  • Novdeep Arora

    I have the Samsung/Google Nexus S and its currently running icecream sandwhich 4.0.3 and its not hacked .. my service provider is Wind Mobile.

  • Ja Rule

    @Joe Word.

  • Garfield

    Just checked my Nexus S (FIDO). I still have 2.3.6 version. Still waiting patiently for the update,

  • new_tradition

    Omg, am I the only one on 2.3.4? O_o

    I’m using my Nexus S from Wind. I grabbed it almost a day after the OTA updates were pulled (Dec. 20), so I just missed grabbing the initial release :/

    I’m actually fine with Gingerbread, it’s just all the comments about how battery life got better with ICS that has be fidgeting. Battery life is always something people want more of, myself included.

  • Rawrr

    Nexus S running 4.0.3. Battery totally blows vs 2.3.6, so definitely want some bugs/battery fix lol

  • Eugene

    Still stuck on 2.3.6 with Fido. can’t wait for a bug-free ICS!

  • justITguy

    Stuck on Rogers 4.0.1 🙁

  • Kelly

    I bought a Nexus S right after Mobilesyrup advertised that the Nexus S is getting the ICS update after the weekend, but then after the weekend Google was suppose to release the update they pulled it. I was very very furious as to I wasted my money hopin to get ICS. After waiting and waiting and waiting and the update never coming and no word from google. I decided to return my Nexus S and I got myself a brand new Iphone 4S and I love this device. I’m sorry Google but you lost me as a customer. I’m tired of waiting for promised updates that never come on time. And now this suppose company is saying its coming in March, which probably truly means march of next year the way Google works at releasing updates. I’m tired of Androids cause they get released with problemactic OS versions, then you have to wit for Google to release a update to fix the bugs, but when you get the new update it fixes one problem them breaks something else. Then the cycle continues for waiting for another update 12 months later, mean while you got to put up with a problemactic phone. Atleast with Iphones they work perfectly out of the box and are very smooth and just work properly. I’m thinking bout neve buying a android ever again, and now I’m a Apple Customer.

  • Jay

    Galaxy Nexus on 4.0.2 from Telus! Update received on friday OTA!

  • ace

    my ferrari liduid e edition is still stuck on 2.2 froyo.

  • freezerburnt

    I’ve got a GNex, and got sick of waiting…. so now I’m rooted and running Codename Android with the 4.0.3 kernel

  • jonnyboy

    4.0.1 boys. shitty

  • justaname

    Wow, this is sad. All those people who bought a Nexus thinking Google fully does the updates, now end up getting screwed. So now the truth is Google isn’t fully doing Nexus updates, Samsung is partially doing the updates now too. This is absolutely inexcusable. The Nexus seriously sucks in a few aspects, and one of the redeeming qualities was supposed to be the latest updates direct from Google. Now that has been proven to be false. Google has proven again they don’t care about honoring agreements or backing up their words.

    Just another reason why I will never buy an Android phone.

  • Dom

    Ahaha! Optimus black upgrade to GB in February?? Really?? This was suppose to get done in September!!! Lets see if it will actually happen or get pushed back Again!!

  • Petter

    Thats why you buy an Iphone, Apple releases Updates and keeps their promise to release an update, where as Google fumbles around and twirls their thumb for many months and upsets their customers waiting for an update that will fix their cellphone issues, but when they get the new update to fix an issue then the update creates another issue. I find Androids to be annoying waiting for updates all the time. And don’t say root the phone put another rom blah blah you shouldn’t have to do that, and besides must people don’t want to do that to end up bricking the phone or voiding the warranty. Iphones rule.

  • Art

    Glad to know I am not the only one stuck on 4.0.1. (BELL)

  • serpico

    Android 2.3.6 – Nexus S – Wind Mobile

  • David

    Rocking a Galaxy Nexus on Rogers with 4.0.1. 🙁

  • Wagih

    I have Google Nexus S from windmobile in Canada running 2.3.4. I wanted to upgrade, any idea when and where I can find the update.? I got on Dec. 2011.

  • Shawn

    Nexus S on Telus still on V2.3.6 … anxious to get bumped up to 4.something! 🙂

  • andre washington

    This is bs.. i have the nexus s on att and still no update .. i dont want to root it .. i rather wait but this crazy… wtf ..

  • Apple4Life

    Get an iPhone. Problem solved.

  • Ibrahim

    2.3.6 on i9023 – Voadfone Australia (Not rooted, no Update available yet)

  • Matthew

    I still am running gingerbread, haven’t received the ics update yet :/

  • Max

    i9020a Nexus S on Rogers 2.3.6

  • Ro

    Nexus S and still haven’t received the Google OTA update. Living in California

  • Kevin

    Nexus S on Rogers in BC. Still running GRK39F (2.3.6)

    If I’m going to flash it what should I flash too? I did the 2.3.6 flash manually because I was sick of waiting so maybe that’s why I’m not getting 4.0.x

  • Chad

    I have a Nexus S 4G from Sprint and still running Gingerbread. I am rather annoyed after all of Google’s preaching about how the Nexus phones would be the first to get Google updates. Ah well I’m just grateful to have a clean android phone untainted by bloatware, and I would rather Google take their time and get it right. I just wish they would do that to start with instead of jerking us around.

  • Andboy

    o « Bob, this is a Nexus. The Carrier’s have nothing to do with is and have no say in the rollout of Nexus updates.
    Our regional build is yakjuux which is built with some unknown degree of work by samsung then gets released directly from Google’s servers. It will come, people just need to be patient »

    My carrier is SPRINT and no OTA update available for my CDMA yet–how about that?

    Brand: SPRINT Samsung Google
    Model number: Nexus S 4G
    Android version: 2.3.7
    Baseband version: D720SPRKE1
    Kernel version:
    Build number: GWK74

  • Erik

    My Galaxy Nexus (Virgin Mobile) is, like everyone else’s, paused at 4.0.1.
    My Nexus S (Virgin UK) is rooted, so I put ICS on it, but it kept overheating and killing the battery before noon. So it’s back on stock 2.3.6.
    My Nexus One (retired) is still puttering along on CyanogenMod 7.1.

  • W B

    I don’t know why Galaxy Nexus owners are getting upset having ICS 4.01. Are your phones bricked? Are you having issues with the OS? I love my Galaxy Nexus running 4.01. I’m sure there will be improvements with 4.05, but in the meantime, I’m enjoying my phone.

  • Amin

    Nexus S running 4.0.3.. Mobilicity..
    and waiting for 4.0.5.. 🙂

  • Elexar

    On a Nexus S (i9023), still running 2.3.6 – situated in the Netherlands though, that might be the ‘problem’ of not having received an update to ICS yet! I’m feeling really left out 🙁

  • ErikTheRed

    Nexus S on 2.3.6 with Telus. Ditto for a friend of mine.

    I wonder how they chose which phones to roll out to, since I’m seeing some Telus phones with ICS and some (like us) still with Gingerbread.

  • Tr

    I like the idea of mainlining from Google – flashing to a google build, so updates are as instantly available as possible.

    $20 to anyone in the GTA that will flash my GN for me to a google build – can’t be bothered to learn the proceedure myself (I expect you know what you are doing LOL).

    Question – I resume no issues with you carrier (Wind) if I am running ‘something else’ that what they gave me with the phone (OS).

  • Matias

    I’m in Uruguay (S. America) and still stuck with 2.3.6 in my american nexus S. I want ICS!

  • iwantICS

    Nexus S 2.3.6 from Wind
    I want my ICS already!!!!!

  • Brenbaby

    Nexus S I9020a still on 2.3.6 with Telus (Canada) … Trying to be patient for the ICS update to come to my phone OTA buuut it’s hard since the reason I bought the phone (purchased in December) was because I read that it got all the updates before any other phone … What a load of bull haha. Disappointed in Samsung but loving my phone, nonetheless. Can’t wait for ICS though!

  • bora

    Nexus s 4.0.3 manually updated to ics.

  • steve

    wind mobile still on 2.3.4 yes i said “.4”. I don’t want to manually update. Is 2.3.6 atleast worth to update to that?

  • filly

    Still waiting for an update.
    Running on 2.3.6 Nexus S. Should I be expecting an update in March?

  • Kevin

    Funny how people may complain about being stuck on 4.0.1 while others can’t even reach ICS yet . . .

  • KyoKeun

    can anybody give me instruction to how to update my Nexus S (Koodo) manually to ICS? Impatient now….

  • Steven Skyler

    Nexus S, 2.3.6 (Wind Mobile)

  • Bernie

    Nexus S 4.0.3 (Wind Mobile). Not about to wait for OTA for
    any updates when they are there to be uploaded. For everyone
    waiting for an invitation from google, well, just keep waiting.

  • Mario

    Got my Galaxy Nexus recently from Rogers… Still running 4.0.1!
    Can’t wait to get 4.0.5, little bugs are bugging me a lot.

  • davey0728

    I’m in IL. on a T-Mobile Nexus S and I’m running 4.0.3 and it’s awesome. Now WHERE’S MY 4.0.5?!?!?!?

  • Mystic09

    Just bought the phone yesterday =(

  • Michael T. Babcock

    I’m running a Galaxy Nexus from Virgin Mobile which I’m using a Rogers Canada SIM in, and I’m still on 4.0.1. It did the 4.0.1 update when I first got it after Christmas, but I haven’t had an update since (and I check regularly).

  • Rambir Khatkar

    I am from the UK. Hopefully the update will be pushed on nexus s as i am fed up with high CPU usage. I am running 4.0.3.

  • Mike Farrell

    ANy idea if 4.01 or 4.02 is available for the Nexus S, i have been looking for info, nothing showing on my update screen, any where i can manually get it?

  • Michael

    in Toronto im still stuck with 2.3.6 with the nexus s on rogers when will i get the update??

  • Sean

    February 27th and my Nexus S is still on 2.3.6 and my Nexus Galaxy is still on 4.0.1 WTF!!!!!!!!

  • GNexUser

    Galaxy Nexus on Rogers here, also stuck on 4.0.1

    Here’s hoping for March, c’mon Google/Samsung!

  • dang

    STILLLLL running 2.3.6 from Wind
    im using nexus s
    ICS better come out in march or less shits gonna hit the fan

  • nevar5

    Just got the 4.0.2 update today. However it seems to have broken market. It crashes every time I go to grab an app…:( Hopefully 4.0.3 fixes this!

    • js

      ok so about the market bug

      just go in settings/app/all

      go on market and uninstall will work then

  • amer

    Rogers steel on 4.0.1 sucks

  • ArG

    its march where is my ICS!!!!

  • js

    just got 4.0.2 this morning with a bell phone used on rogers

    hope it fix the restart bug that ive been having espacially with google navigation like 20 times in 3 month

    except that i like that phone a lot

  • js



    i guess factory reset it will fix that

    will keep you updated

  • js

    ok so about the market bug

    just go in settings/app/all

    go on market and uninstall will work then

  • EmDub

    Nexus S on Koodo and I’m still stuck on 2.3.6. Is there ANY new info out there for us lowly Koodo users? I’m growing rather impatient and fear battery bugs. I know it’s not Koodo; has Google forgotten us? Shouldn’t I at least have 4.0.1? Love my Nexus S but this is ridiculous!

  • Paul B

    Samsung Google Nexus S 4G on Sprint in USA still on android v 2.3.7 with NFC and Google Wallet!

    ICS can’t fix the connectivity issues that plague this phone so who cares about ICS! I won’t be getting the Galaxy Nexus either due to its connectivity issues and Samsung under powered radio transmitters.

  • st

    Running on android 4.0.4 ics! Overclocked to 1320mH.. gehehe. Just all you need

  • KT

    AT&T is so slow. Still running 2.3.4 on Nexus S.

  • Tom

    I’m still on 2.3.6. I’m on Rogers and have done a
    checkin now and then but no OTA update. I’d really
    like ICS … Rogers says “it’s not us, it’s all google”
    If this is true, I’m confused by why so many Nexus S
    users have got an OTA ICS update ..

  • Brad

    hey @tom there was originally an update for the GSM Nexus S’ but a staggering amount of people noticed a large amount of bugs in it that crippled their phones such as the radio not working and various other bugs.

    so google pulled the update, and i dont feel to bad about it because well id rather wait for a polished OS than have one that has a pretty good chance of wrecking my phone.

    so although its taking some time for the update to come out to ICS it is coming and will make everyone with a nexus s feel like they have a brand new phone.

  • Stephany

    My both Nexus S still on 2.3.6 with Telus …here from Montreal

  • Stephany

    My Nexus S still on 2.3.6 with Telus …from Montreal

  • Madhatter87rx7

    By the way, in case some of you do not know…there are 2 Nexus. The original Samsung nexus S and the Galaxy Nexus. It would be appreciated if people would refer to their phone correctly as this developes confusion. I am using a NEXUS ‘S’ with Telus and am stuck on 2.3.6 as are most users. Some are on various versions and some actually got ICS 4 but then Google stopped the update. Now it seems we will ALL get 4.0.5 in the very near future. (I’ll belive it when I see it)

    Also… Neither Telus, Rogers Koodoo or any other carriers are doing the updates and have no control over them. They are coming directly from Google for these handsets.

  • KyoKeun

    anybody got this update yet?

  • crammer

    HSDPA Nexus S I9020XXKF1 running 2.3.6 build GRK39F
    “Your system is currently up to date”

  • jesse

    I have a galaxy nexus with 4.0.2 or rogers!

  • Chris Bowman

    Still on Gingerbread with a I9020A Nexus S (Koodo/Telus). Where to go from here?!

  • Jason

    Still stuck on 2.3.6 with my Nexus S on Rogers, Alberta. Hurry up already Ice Cream Sandwich!

  • Cesar

    I’ve updated manually to ICS 4.0.3 but it hasn’t face unlock and I want it so bad =(( I will not receive the 4.0.5 update because I did this manual update?? Or is it going to notificate me normally? Thanks

  • Tom

    I’m OK waiting as long as when I get ICS, it’s
    the latest and they have addressed any and all
    issues for the Google Nexus S. The chart at the
    top shows March , so it isn’t late yet!

  • 4walls

    Here we are, third week in March and still stuck on 4.0.1 with the Galaxy Nexus on Rogers.

  • Jacob

    I have a GNEX LTE Verizon in the good ole state of TN and still on ICS 4.0.2
    -Really hope the update comes out soon and fixes the wi/fi 4g response time and the battery life is crazy ridiculous. Dies after 6 hours

  • Kempton

    Galaxy Nexus user with WIND Mobile. When I turned on the phone this afternoon, it seemed to try to update the OS or something. But as I was trying to make I call, I press the power button again and that message went away. I am still on ICS 4.0.1.
    Does anyone know if that was an update to ICS 4.0.5? And how do I get it? Do I just need to plug in my phone (via USB) to my computer?

  • Billy

    I had ICS on my Nexus S and it was so much better than Gingerbread. Apart from the overheating, the occasional lag, the battery life, and in the end my USB stopped working, overheating did it apparently. I had a look online and noticed that loads of other people had the same thing happen to them.

    I sent my phone off to Samsung the week before last and it came back last week, rooted with Gingerbread 2.3.3 on it (I have since OTA updated it to 2.3.6) although it does have a new USB. So that’s something.

    I do miss ICS and I would update it right now manually if I wasn’t worried about the USB going again.

  • maxime

    I have a nexus s with ics 4.0.3 download and rooted in december 2011. I wait since this time for the new version.

  • Shawn

    Gingerbread 2.3.6 on my Telus Nexus S … so much for getting an update in March. 🙁

    • Jason

      Same goes for me with the Nexus S on Rogers.

  • glenn56

    you have to root your phone because there is an update already to a 4.0.4

  • Shawn

    I am currently on 4.0.1 sasktel. Saskatchewan carier.

  • cami

    We are in Canada…telus…my husband and I both have nexus s phones. His is black and mine is white. Mine still has 2.3.6 yet his has always updated and just received the 4.0.4 version today. Mine received nothing. I am confused by the yakju or yakjuux software. When I downloaded the App Android System Info…all it said was Herring. How do you find out what version you have. My phone has never worked as well as my husbands. Why haven’t I received any version updates since 2.3.6? Can anyone explain this to me…please?

    • Trevor

      Cami, if he got his update then it means you will get yours soon. Could be hours, could be up to a few days. Google always staggers their updates randomly. A little too staggered in my opinion. The phone only checks so often for updates, which isn’t very often. But you can force a check with your phone going to your dailer, and putting in the number “#*#*CHECKIN*#*#”

    • cami

      Thanks for the reply Trevor! 🙂

  • tony

    Just got my 4.0.4 update pushed from Google about 20 minutes ago on rogers in winnipeg! Man this was totally worth the wait! Sooooooo smooth and fast!

  • tony

    Also I used the checkin method religiously for 2 weeks now!

  • Stolarchuk

    I just Recieved the OTA update for Telus!

  • vishal

    manually updated 4.0.4 OTA working great. waiting for 4.0.5

  • vishal

    guys u don’t need to root ur phone to get ICS 4.0.4…..just get 4.0.3 OTA update and an 18MB 4.0.4 OTA update available on the internet for Nexus S and then install it from Gingerbread 2.3.6 without the need for rooting….Google is hardly pushing any updates. u have to find the OTA update on the internet and install manually or simply keep waiting for ur phone to die….

  • Mike Fas

    Got my update today! Does not fix the problem where i make a call or get a call and can’t hear anything. Such a POS. So upset about this phone. Have to hit speaker on and off or just hang up becuase it’s useless without a headset!