Swype updated to officially support Ice Cream Sandwich and Galaxy Nexus


  • deltatux

    Will it work on tablets I wonder?? Time to update Swype on my Nexus S =)! At least this time I hope with the official ICS support, it’ll run smoother on the ICS OTA.

    • Jim B.

      Can I get this on my Bold 9900?

      Anyone know?

  • Sean

    Yup they Swype has worked on tablets for about a year. Also why can’t they be normal and have an app in the market…

    • crimsona

      The money was made selling Swype to OEMs for preinstalls – it’s in practically every single Samsung phone, for example.

      By having the beta on an opt-in basis outside of market, they are able to have direct access to user emails and hardware information, and ideally, better feedback through their forums for bug reports.

  • scott

    man just downloaded it to my nexus!!! it is fantastic!! works perfectly! can’t wait for that update for it!

  • EmperumanV

    Installed it and disabled ICS’s stock spell check. Works like a charm!

  • AC

    Good timing… was just about to roll back from MIUI ICS to something supporting Swype — now I don’t have to! B )

  • Kid.Canada

    @Jim B. – no need, it has an amazing keyboard already.

  • winder

    Anyone notice that in the picture the trace line spells out F-R-E-I-N-D as oppsed to friend..


    • crimsona

      I tried that trace on my phone, Swype does correct it to friend anyway

    • Owen Finn

      I think they did that on purpose to highlight the spelling correction?

    • Ec

      actually thats whats great about swype, you dont even have to swype to all the letters to get the word you want, you can save time by “skipping” letters

      double edged sword however, you become dumber since your spelling ability goes into the toilet

  • Richard

    Swype is my best freind. Sent from my Zen Book!

  • SC

    Pretty sure it’s intended to be swiped that way to spell friend because it’s faster than going to fr to i then back to e.

  • Thas

    I was using the version that some developer ported to the Galaxy Nexus. You know the one that was posted on Google+ of all places. I just switched over to the official beta version now. It may just be my imagination, but the keys look slightly bigger.

    Also am I the only one that doesn’t see the point of disabling ICS’s built in spell checker? I mean if the word won’t get corrected if you put it in the Swype dictionary, why not just put it in built in spell checker’s dictionary. It works for me when I do that.

  • Jesso2k

    It spells frond for me.

    Swype so far has been my favorite feature of Android since I switc.hed from ios

  • Milpool

    It didn’t work for me lol. It pushed the notification for me to get it, it downloaded the update (to my Nexus S still on Gingerbread) and sat on “Download complete — verifying” endlessly.

  • Awkward Turtle

    There have been other, tweaked versions of swype that support the galaxy nexus going around for a while. Got mine last week. :p

  • Robert

    Returning mine. Not only is this a GNX problem, it’s an LTE/GSM to CDMA handoff issue. Even the Resound has it to an extent. ALL OF VERIZON’S 4G PHONES DO, but not ATT or T mobile because they are pure LTE/GSM.