Upcoming Samsung tablets may come with S-Pen, 3D gestures

Daniel Bader

January 26, 2012 3:36pm

A Samsung marketing manager has let slip some significant developments in the Android tablet space, if they are to be believed. The company is set to bundle the S-Pen, that capacitive stylus slotted into the Galaxy Note, with future tablets.

The exact quote, from Ryan Bidan is: “I think a pen interface continues to make a lot of sense across a number of screen sizes, like the larger is more obvious of those. That’s about as specific as I can be without announcing a product.”

There doesn’t seem to be a lot of sense to this. As much as the stylus has the potential to aide in certain types of input like design sketching and jotting down quick notes, the input lag is still too significant to do comprehensive note-taking. The HTC Flyer was the first such Android tab to include a capacitive stylus and an accompanying SDK, with Samsung launching its S-Pen SDK shortly thereafter with the launch of the Galaxy Note. Neither platform has seen developers flock to it.

That being said, Bidan hinted at other, more esoteric forms of input. The use of 3D gestures through the tablet’s front-facing camera are possible (as we saw with some Samsung televisions at CES) as well as voice input to a more limited extent. The good thing about the S-Pen is that in its current incarnation it is built into the hardware, merely fleshing out the Galaxy Note’s capabilities.

It won’t be niche products like the S-Pen that finally turn people onto Android tablets: it will take a significant number of quality third-party apps from trusted vendors. If those apps happen to support the stylus, all the better. As Bidan says: “It’s about getting back to that really tactile and personal communication method. We think there’s a huge amount of value in that.” Indeed.

Source: Laptop Magazine
Via: Electronista

  • Chris

    I always see it mentioned as a capacitive stylus. Is it really not pressure sensitive? Just a boring old stylus for capacitive screens?

    Not active at all?

    • p

      It’s definitely pressure sensitive using the S Pen app

  • drewski

    I have a capactive stylus for my Galaxy 10.1 and use it a fair bit when I’m reading something and have to do a lot of text selecting.

  • I forgot my meds

    Stylus? It would be more appropriate to use an empty tp roll on the sumdung.

    • Dalex

      How is this poster not banned yet? He brings absolutely nothing to the conversation and is a dark spot on the otherwise great comment sections here on Mobile Syrup.

    • SAM

      If Apple will add the stylus to their i-Crap it will be a revolutionary!!!!!!!!!

  • Mike

    This is a great idea. Hopefully they do implement this on their larger screen offerings.

  • RobG

    The Galaxy Note has a Wacom digitizer which the S-Pen interacts with, it is not capacitive, S-Pen on a full size tablet would be fantastic.

  • Samhung

    It would be appropriate to have an 8 inch veiny stylus to go with that Samhung. Samhung.

    • samhung

      This guy is an imposter.

  • Hugh Gerection

    Insert a macrohard stylus into the microsoft port.

  • SAM


  • SAM


  • ant6n

    Remember the tablet pc?
    Back in the old days (starting 2002), when tablets didn’t exist yet, or that word referred to laptops with a swiveling screen, a wacom digitizer, and windows tablet edition. My trusted fujitsu convertible laptop got me through my undergrad degree, almost perfect for note taking.

    I don’t understand why nobody puts a wacom on a 7~10 inch tablet, with a high resolution, to take notes and draw stuff.

  • Gunnar

    @Dalex I feel exactly the same way about SAM.