Google unveils new Pixel Buds Pro colours, big feature update

The Pixel Buds Pro will get an update with Clear Calling, a conversation detection mode, and more

Pixel Buds Pro in Bay.

While Google didn’t reveal new Pixel Buds at its October 4th event, the company did unveil major updates to its Pixel Buds Pro line.

First up, the Pixel Buds Pro are getting two new colours next month, ‘Bay’ to match the new Pixel 8 Pro, and ‘Porcelain.’

Beyond that, Pixel Buds Pro will get a firmware update with five new features. These include Clear Calling, conversation detection, a low-latency mode for Chromebooks, and more.

Clear Calling helps reduce the noise around people while they’re on a call. It should work well alongside another update dubbed ‘Clearer calls,’ which means the Pixel Buds Pro supports Bluetooth Super Wideband. This effectively doubles the bandwidth for voices, making people sound better.

The new conversation mode will use AI to detect speaking and temporarily switch from active noise-cancelling (ANC) to ‘transparency mode’ while stopping any playing media so you can hear what people are saying. Users can override this by tapping the earbud once.

Pixel Buds Pro will get a new ‘Hearing Wellness’ feature too. It can warn people about listening to things that are too loud for too long. When users listen to loud sounds for too long, they can get a notification warning them to lower the volume of their earbuds.

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