FitXR partners with Zumba on new virtual and mixed reality exercises

Zumba dances its way onto VR through FitXR


VR workout platform FitXR has partnered with Zumba to provide a slew of new exercises.

The partnership, which the two companies are calling the “first-ever immersive Zumba experience through virtual reality and mixed reality,” will see 32 classes coming to FitXR. These classes will unite popular Zumba instructors like Jeimy Bueno and Dahrio Wonder with one from FitXR, Dance trainer Sarah Eika Burke joining the crew.

The VR sessions span all experience levels, starting from beginner to expert, alongside a movement preview system to prepare you for your move. High scores and goals will also be presented to encourage dancers to monitor their progress. A variety of music tracks and a mixed reality version will be offered as well.

The companies say the partnership came about from a qualitative survey by FitXR and Zumba requests for VR offerings.

FitXR’s Zumba experience will be released on November 2nd, 2023. In North America, FitXR is available through Meta Quest with a subscription. The service offers dozens of workouts centred around boxing, dance, HIIT, combat and sculpt.

In related news, Meta will hold its annual Meta Connect conference from September 27 to 28th. The event will feature announcements related to VR, AR, MR and AI.

Image credit: Zumba