Leaked Pixel Watch 2 video highlights new sensors, fitness features

Once again, the Pixel Watch 2 is rumoured to sport Fitbit's cEDA sensor

Not content with revealing everything there is to know about Google’s upcoming Pixel 8 and 8 Pro, leakers have also shared several more details about the company’s upcoming Pixel Watch 2.

Kamila Wojciechowska, the leaker behind tons of Pixel 8 series information released over the weekend, was back at it Monday morning, sharing a Pixel Watch 2 promotional video in partnership with 91mobiles. Alongside the promo video, Wojciechowska shared an “official document” about the Pixel Watch 2’s features with 91mobiles.

The document and video detail several features about the Pixel Watch 2. First up, the wearable will sport Fitbit’s ‘multi-path heart rate sensor,’ which should improve the accuracy of the second-gen Pixel Watch’s heart rate tracking.

The leaked details also corroborate previous rumours that the Pixel Watch 2 will have Fitbit’s stress management system, including a continuous electrodermal activity (cEDA) sensor.

Other health features include the ability for the Pixel Watch 2 to detect seven common workouts for automatic tracking, as well as a ‘pace training’ feature to help runners maintain a pace.

The Pixel Watch 2 reportedly will get new safety features, including a ‘Safety Check’ feature that will check in with the wearer after a set period of time to confirm they’re okay. If not, the watch will share the wearer’s location and/or contact emergency services.

Finally, the document claims the Pixel Watch 2 will offer 24-hour battery life with always-on display. Moreover, a 75-minute charge will give it enough juice to last all day. That would make it the same as the original Pixel Watch, which is concerning given in practice, it struggled to keep up with Google’s advertised battery life.

Header image credit: Screenshot from video

Source: Kamila Wojciechowska, 91mobiles