Honda’s Motocompacto scooter is the perfect mix of fun and functional transportation

Honda pays tribute to its e-scooters of the past with a cute new take on sustainable transportation

Honda is releasing a new e-scooter dubbed the Motocompacto – and its adorable design is taking the internet by storm.

Despite having the appearance of something like an enlarged briefcase, PlayStation 5 or AirPods case, rest assured, the upcoming Motocompacto does not skimp on performance. The roughly 40lb scooter can hit a top speed of 15mph, an output of 400 watts, and a maximum range of roughly 19.3 kilometers.

The scooter, which you could argue looks more at home in a Mario Kart title than it does in real life, is being touted by Honda as a revolutionary transportation device that is “designed for the new realities of urban mobility.”

For those scratching their heads over the overly compact design, Honda designed the scooter after its now-defunct gas-powered Motocompo scooters from the 1980s.

Unlike the Motocompo line, though, Honda’s new ride will be available for purchase from participating Honda and Acura dealerships as soon as this November and carry a price tag of only $995 (approximately $1342.68 CAD).

There is currently no word on whether or not the Motocompacto will make its way to the Canadian market.

Even with owners making themselves open to a few odd looks or pointed fingers, the Motocompacto’s specs are no laughing matter. The scooter boasts an integrated LED display with a speedometer, two power levels and a battery gauge. It also features  Bluetooth connectivity where users can use an app to fine-tune settings to their liking.

The scooter is capable of carrying a full charge in 3.5 hours whether folded or in the ready-to-ride configuration via a 110v outlet.

It may look silly at first, but Honda is hoping the blend of 80s aesthetic and modern performance will have common commuters and hipsters alike riding together on Motocompacto scooters in the near future.

Image credit: Honda

Source: Honda Via: The Verge