Nintendo launches mobile browser game Pikmin Finder

Nintendo's latest AR venture is Pikmin Finder, a mobile browser-based game

Nintendo has launched an augmented reality (AR) browser-based game called Pikmin Finder on mobile devices. The launch of Pikmin Finder coincides with the ongoing Nintendo Live event in Seattle, which concludes on September 4th.

Pikmin Finder is accessible on any mobile device. Simply by navigating to the page via any browser, players will be instructed on how to set up the interactive experience. It’s a rather basic game with limited scope and gameplay.

The game functions by using the mobile device’s camera for AR functions. Once enabled, players can search their surroundings for Pikmin burrowed in the ground. By swiping the screen, players can pull them out. Once enough Pikmin have been found, players can use them to search for treasure, including a cake.

You can also take photos of their Pikmin and the treasure they’ve collected.

The game came to fruition thanks to the ongoing partnership between Nintendo and Niantic. It offers similar functionality to Pikmin Bloom, which makes sense given Niantic’s involvement and experience with AR.

The sudden introduction of Pikmin Finder is likely attributed to Nintendo Live. The company likely developed the interactive experience as a means to occupy attendees when standing in lines at the Seattle event.

It may not be this summer’s must-play experience, but it’s at least worth the five-minute distraction it brings.

Image credit: Nintendo

Via: Nintendo Life