Philips Hue products confirmed to get Matter support in September

The smart home protocol should make your Hue lights play nicer across platforms

At IFA 2023, Philips Hue parent company Signify has confirmed the rollout of Matter to its range of smart lights beginning in September.

For those unaware, Matter is an industry standard created specifically to better integrate smart home systems from different competing platforms. After some delays, the protocol launched in the fall of 2022 — though it’s taken a while for products to fully embrace the new technology.

“This industry-unifying standard is a promise of reliable and secure connectivity. Devices built on this protocol will work seamlessly together — both now and well into the future,” says Philips Hue.

Other industry titans such as Amazon, Google, and Apple have also since updated a number of their smart offerings to support the protocol.

In addition to the Matter upgrade, Hue also announced a smart security camera. This marks an expansion of the Hue brand into smart home products beyond the realm of lighting.

The full Philips Hue Launch Event ‘IFA23 edition’ can be streamed from Philips Hue’s official website, as well as on YouTube.

Source: Philips Hue