Feeling cool with Torras’ Coolify 2S Smart Neck Air Conditioner and Waist Fan

The Neck AC is definitely really nice for Toronto's hot summers

Despite our cold winters, Canada still has pretty warm summers. I like to walk; sometimes, I’m just galivanting, but I often walk to work and home from the office, and unfortunately, I sweat a lot.

Luckily, I got the chance to try out the Torras Coolify 2S Smart Neck Air Conditioner and the Torras Coolify Zone Wearable Waist Fan to cool me down on my walks.

I really liked the Torras Coolify 2S Neck Air Conditioner. It’s light and can easily go around your neck. It provides options for air conditioning, a fan and even a heater and has three power options to give users different choices on how cold they want it to be around their neck.

I wouldn’t wear this to a club or anything as it’s not stylish enough for that, but I have worn it on bike rides and walks. It’s not completely silent, but it’s not loud enough to bother anyone around you. If you’re on a walk, even non-noise-cancelling earbuds can tune out the sounds of the air conditioner.

The device offers a 5,000mAh battery that can last a very long time, depending on how often you use the Torras Coolify 2S. In fear of it dying, I typically charge it before I know I’m going on a long walk, and due to this, it’s never actually died on me.

It also has a cooling surface around the neck portion, which alone feels nice. It’s definitely nice to have at the beach or if you’re chilling by the lake. I wish there was softer padding right above the neck area, as that could make it more comfortable for longer usage. Still, it’s not too bad, and I have worn it on hour-long walks, but I think it could just be improved upon.

The Coolify Zone Wearable Waist Fan is also nice but doesn’t provide the options that the neck air conditioner offers. The air from the fan goes upwards toward your face, which feels pleasant. You can wear it below your shirt or over it. Below your shirt, you don’t have to deal with the awkwardness of people seeing this odd contraption, and it can keep you cool. But above your shirt gives the fan direct access to your face.

Wearing both the Waist Fan and the Neck Air Conditioner is nice, and while nothing can completely prevent me from sweating, it definitely helps out and feels great. Both products look like they’d be great to wear in a club or party event where it can easily get warm, but I haven’t done it yet.

In Canada, you can get both products from Amazon Canada. The Torras Coolify Zone Wearable Waist Fan costs $194.97, which includes import fees, and the Coolify 2S Portable Neck AC is a whopping $453 with import fees included. These are kind of expensive, so if you can grab it from the U.S., that’d definitely be better. If you’re able to purchase it directly from Torras, the device costs $229 USD ($310 CAD), which is definitely a lot better, but you’d need a U.S. address.

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