Can’t remember to clean your Pixel Buds? Google has you covered

The feature is already showing up for some Pixel Buds users

Google is a pretty interesting company. Occasionally, it leaks its own products, has interesting names for its colour variants (i.e. ‘Just Black’), and in this case, likes to point out the obvious.

9to5Google dived deep into the Pixel Buds app ‘version 1.0.555017123,’ which is now rolling out via the Play Store. The APK insight spotted a new feature already appearing for some users that reminds you to clean your earbuds periodically.

Google points out that cleaning your earbuds can help with hygiene and ensure you have the best audio quality and the buds are charging.

You’ll also get the notice if you’re on the Settings app if you’re on a Pixel phone. Tapping on the tip will guide you to the cleaning your earbuds guide above.

This is similar to the time when Google reminded everyone not to cut the wire between its original Pixel Buds.

Source: 9to5Google