YouTube is testing AI to show video summaries on Watch and Search pages

The AI summaries are intended to complement descriptions provided by creators


Google-owned YouTube is testing out a new feature that would make it easier for users to understand what a specific video is about before having to watch it.

The new feature is called ‘Video Summaries,’ as shared by Android Police, and it uses AI to show a summary of the video, helping users decide if a video is the right fit for them. For starters, the feature is only available for English-language videos and will display summaries on the watch and search pages.

It’s worth noting that the summaries are intended to complement, not replace, the descriptions provided by the creators themselves.

The feature is not widely available yet. According to YouTube, the test is running “with a limited number of videos and viewers.” ‘Video Summaries’ is likely a feature introduced to increase accessibility on the platform, enhance user experience and offer more functionality for both creators and viewers.

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Source: Google, Via: Android Police