Bell back to school offers discount internet and mobile for students

Students can get a $70/mo Gigabit Fibe internet plan and a $55/50GB 5G mobile plan

Bell has launched special internet and mobile plan offers for students returning to school in the fall.

A new promotional page on Bell’s website lists a discounted ‘Gigabit Fibe’ internet plan and a promotional 5G mobile plan, both aimed at students. To get the offers, customers will need to provide a valid student ID. Plus, it looks like customers will need to call in or visit a store instead of activating online.

The student internet offer is a Gigabit Fibe 1.5 plan with unlimited usage and speeds of 1.5Gbps down and 940Mbps up. The plan costs $70/mo, down from the usual $105/mo, with the discount lasting 24 months. Naturally, fine print on the website notes that “prices may increase during subscription.”

Further, Bell’s site notes that new or existing mobility customers can get an additional $10/mo credit for two years, which is handy given the company is also offering a special student mobile promotion.

Bell’s student mobility plan costs $55/mo and includes 50GB of non-shareable 5G data with speeds capped at 250Mbps. Additional data beyond that 50GB allotment costs $20 per gigabyte up to 8GB and then $0.02/MB thereafter (which works out to $20/GB anyway).

The plan also includes unlimited Canada-wide texting and caps video streamed over Bell’s network to 480p unless you pay an extra $5/mo for higher resolution.

Overall, the student offers don’t seem bad, especially when compared to Bell’s regular plans. For example, Bell’s Gigabit Fibe 1.5 internet plan costs $90/mo after a $40/mo credit ($130/mo normally) for two years. That makes the student offer a fair bit cheaper. Likewise, Bell’s regular 50GB 5G plan is $65/mo for regular customers.

You can check out Bell’s student offers here.