Canada’s leading airlines lead in North American flight delays

Only 52 percent of Air Canada flights in June were on time, according to Cirium

Recently released data shows travellers using Canada’s two largest airlines face considerably more delays compared to their American counterparts.

Figures from aviation analytics company Cirium show only 52 percent of Air Canada’s flights in June were on time. For WestJet, only 67 percent of flights were on time.

Comparatively, leading airlines in America had arrival rates between the high 50’s and low 80’s. WestJet ranks sixth place out of nine spots under “on-time ranking.” Air Canada ranks ninth.

While these figures rank airlines south of the border much better, they are an improvement from figures released last summer.

In June 2022, only 37 percent of Air Canada flights were on time. The figure wasn’t much better for WestJet, which stood at 47 percent, according to Cirium.

Image credit: Shutterstock 

Source: Cirium