Government of Canada invests $6.2 million for jobs at Toronto tech companies

Toronto has 289,000 tech workers and is the largest tech hub in Canada

The federal government has invested millions to create jobs at five Toronto-based tech companies.

These companies include Aux Mode Inc. (AMI), Creyos Health, Manifest Climate Inc., Semantic Health Inc., and ThinkData Works Inc.

The funds will create 70 jobs and allow the companies to offer “innovative digital solutions” and “improved healthcare delivery.”

Bryan Smith, co-founder & CEO of ThinkData Works Inc., said the investment offers a commitment to support startups in Canada.

“[The investment] will provide us with additional growth opportunities both here in Canada and abroad as we continue to develop cutting-edge data management, governance, and virtualization technology,” Smith said.

Toronto houses the third largest tech hub in North America, with 24,000 companies.

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Source: Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario