Apple is reportedly testing its own AI tools

The framework is reportedly codenamed 'Ajax'

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Apple is working on a set of artificial intelligence tools.

According to Bloomberg, some are referring to a chatbot as “Apple GPT” internally. The company has codenamed its framework, which will form language models to power its AI system, “Ajax.”

Apple employees are currently using Apple GPT for internal testing, which can reportedly recap text and answer questions.

Bloomberg further reports Ajax runs on Google Cloud, and Apple used Google JAX to build it. The company could be making an AI-related announcement as early as next year, a move that could compete with other chatbots, like ChatGPT and Google Bard.

It’s hard to miss Apple’s absence from the generative AI field. While some companies were quick to put out their versions of chatbots, Apple has taken a slower approach. Bloomberg reports the company is focusing on privacy issues related to chatbots, which is a major cause for concern in Canada.

The federal Privacy Commissioner and counterparts in several provinces are currently investigating if ChatGPT obtained appropriate consent to collect personal user information.

Google’s Bard is also unavailable in Canada at this time. While it’s unclear what the specific reasons for the exclusion are, the tech giant previously told the National Post “regulatory uncertainty” is playing a role.

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Source: Bloomberg