Caviar makes roughly $50,000 CAD Apple Vision Pro headset

The headset uses 18K gold and fine leather

Earlier this month, Apple unveiled the Vision Pro, a new VR/AR headset.

The headset isn’t launching until early next year in the U.S., and if it does launch in Canada, it won’t be until afterward. It will cost a hefty $3,499 USD (roughly $4,700); however, that’s nothing compared to the custom version made by Caviar.

This 18K gold and fine Connolly leather headset costs $39,900 USD (roughly $52.870 CAD). Caviar has made the Apple Vision Pro into even more of a luxury device.

Caviar is a brand that makes custom luxury devices, using gold, diamonds, natural leather, carbon, jewelry enamel, meteorites and rare artifacts.

The Apple Vision Pro offers 3D cameras and spacial audio support and can be used to enhance the app experience and make it more immersive overall. It supports more than 100 Apple Arcade games and works with apps like Disney+.

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