Ubisoft shows off the first footage of Star Wars Outlaws’ third-person action

This is our first look at the anticipated game

Star Wars Outlaws

During Ubisoft’s Forward event, the company showed off the first footage of Star Wars Outlaws, its anticipated third-person, open-world Star Wars game.

During the roughly 10-minute gameplay segment, the game’s Han Solo-like main character, Kay Vess, played by Canadian Huberly Gonzalez, shoots her way out of an enemy base before jumping on a speeder bike and heading into a town.

In the seedy town, Vess enters a dingy bar and meets with an Empire officer. Parts of the gameplay trailer show off Outlaw’s space combat, and we also learn more about her dog-like friend, Nix.

Check out the footage for yourself below:

Visually, the game is impressive, despite not being set to release until sometime in 2024. That said, Ubisoft titles have a history of looking far better in previews than the final game (remember the Watch Dogs demo?), so I can’t help but have that thought in the back of my mind.

Still, Outlaws seems like the third-person Star Wars gaming many of us have been waiting for.

Star Wars Outlaws is coming to Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5 and PC in 2024.

Image credit: Ubisoft (YouTube)