Apple reportedly already working on cheaper Vision Pro VR/AR headset

It's likely years away from release

Apple Vision Pro

Apple’s pricey $3,499 USD (about $4,700 CAD) Vision Pro virtual reality/augmented reality (VR/AR) headset was only just revealed last week, but rumours are already swirling that the tech giant is working on a cheaper alternative.

If you’re hoping to get your hands on this more affordable headset soon, you’re unfortunately likely in for a long wait. According to Mark Gurman’s Bloomberg Power On newsletter, this cheaper version of the Vision Pro might not launch until the end of 2025. Further, Gurman says the cheaper headset won’t replace the Vision Pro and will instead be an addition to the lineup, similar to how Apple sells the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Pro.

The lower-end headset is rumoured to feature cheaper displays and might cut costs in build quality. However, Apple still wants it to feature hand and eye tracking and its unique EyeSight external displays that show the wearer’s eyes. The tech giant likely believes these are key features that make its take on VR/AR technology stand out from its competitors and doesn’t want to ditch them in a cheaper headset. Rumoured names for this device include “Apple Vision” and “Vision One.”

It’s unclear what price point Apple aims to hit with its lower-end headset, but given the Meta Quest Pro costs $1,399 and Sony’s PlayStation VR2 costs $749 plus the cost $649 cost of a PlayStation 5, Apple is likely aiming for a price well under $2,000.

Apple is also reportedly working on a 2nd-gen version of the Vision Pro that features a faster processor. It’s unclear when the tech giant plans to reveal the headset, but given the 1st-gen version was just shown off, it’s likely at least a few years away.

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Source: Bloomberg