Fido follows Freedom, offers limited-time $50/40GB plan

Unlike Freedom, Fido's plan doesn't include Canada-U.S. features

Rogers flanker brand Fido has joined Freedom Mobile in offering a $50/mo 40GB plan.

Fido’s website now lists a 40GB plan, though it actually costs $65/mo and requires multiple discounts to get to the $50 price. Moreover, Fido’s plan only offers Canada-wide calling and doesn’t match Freedom’s Canada-U.S. capabilities.

Fido’s $50/40GB offer as of May 27th, 2023.

To get the $50/mo price, you’ll need to use Fido’s automatic payments, which reduce the monthly cost of your plan by $5, along with a $10/mo discount that applies at checkout.

Fido’s website warns that the $50/40GB plan only lasts until May 31st. However, it’s not clear how long Freedom will keep its $50/40GB plan around. If Freedom holds onto the deal as it did with the $39/20GB plan from earlier this month, it’s possible Fido (and possibly other providers) will continue trying to match the offer.

You can view Fido’s deal here.