SkipTheDishes launches Inflation Cookbook, an AI tool to provide users affordable food options

The service has doubled down on its commitment to fighting food insecurity in Canada

SkipTheDishes and its grocery delivery service Skip Express Lane have launched Canada’s first Inflation Cookbook, an interactive resource to help Canadians source healthy and affordable food while maximizing their grocery budgets.

The cookbook uses data and technology to track the top ten food items and their upwards and downward trends in price each week. To better assist people across all provinces to find the best price on groceries, the insights are regionally dictated and show no preference toward brands.

So far, over 400 items are capable of being tracked including grains, produce, dairy and select proteins.

Inflation Cookbook is also capable of curating healthy recipes featuring the best-priced ingredients from the week with the help of AI guided by top a nutritionist and chef.

The cookbook is accessible through a mobile-friendly web browser where users can customize their experience based on their grocery budget, household size and dietary restrictions.

In addition to the release of the cookbook, SkipTheDishes says it’s continuing to develop its relationship with Food Banks Canada to provide support to those facing challenges amid rising food prices. The company will be donating all excess food from its 23 Skip Express Lane fulfilment centres to food banks across the country.

Further, SkipTheDishes is donating $100,000 to the aforementioned charitable organization to ensure all Canadians have access to nutritious food. The company’s donation alone will supply 200,000 meals to Canadians in need.

“In the face of rising food costs in Canada, Skip is committed to continuing to fight food insecurity by expanding our partnership with Food Banks Canada to help provide hunger relief from coast-to-coast,” Steve Puchala, SkipTheDishes Interim CEO said, in a recent statement.

Created in partnership with Dentsu Creative Canada, the Inflation Cookbook is now operating online at www.inflationcookbook.com. 

SkipTheDishes is available in the App Store and Google Play Store.

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