Samsung looking to visually improve its watches with the upcoming Galaxy Watch 6

The Galaxy Watch 6 is expected to reveal in August.

Galaxy Watch 5

The Samsung Galaxy Watch series is notorious for both its beauty and quality, but why stop improving?

There’s speculation that the upcoming Galaxy Watch 6 will see some serious visual improvements, including a larger display and slimmer bezels.

According to the well-known Samsung leaker Ice Universe, Samsung is rumoured to increase the Galaxy Watch 6’s dial to 1.47 inches while improving its resolution.

The South Korean tech giant is known for following trends towards increasing screen sizes, more notably with its phone line. Both the Galaxy S8 and S8+ did something similar to what Samsung is now looking to do with its watches – size up and slim down.

Samsung looks to be considering taking a page out of Apple’s playbook, with the Apple Watch Series 7 line shrinking its bezels by 40 percent. They also increased the watch’s display size by 20 percent, setting the bar high for the ideal smartwatch appearance.

Some feel mixed about the alleged decision to focus on visual improvements, with reports of a larger screen with higher resolution potentially affecting the Galaxy Watch 6’s battery life.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 is expected to be officially revealed this coming August. In the meantime, Ice Universe provided a comparison showing what the difference in bezel size might look like.

The tweet has since been deleted.

Source: Ice Universe Via: Android Police