Cybertruck production line gets Musk’s stamp of approval

Early production for the Cybertruck is planned for mid-2023


Late in March, Tesla’s Cybertruck was spotted on the roads, undergoing a stringent steering test.

Now, a week later, Tesla CEO Elon Musk is hyping up the long-delayed truck.

According to a tweet, Musk recently toured the Cybertruck production line in the Texas Gigafactory, and he was impressed with what he saw. In a reply to his own tweet, he also said that the production line “Feels like the future.” Musk does not mention what aspect he was impressed with, or what part of the production line feels like the future.

Considering that the early production for the Cybertruck is planned for mid-2023, it might be that Musk is impressed with how quickly the line was put together, or it could be that the anticipated electric vehicle (EV) will hit the road sooner than initially expected.

The Cybertruck has recently been spotted in other locations as well, so it might be that the automaker is done with the delays and will stand good on its ‘mass production in 2024’ and ‘early production in mid-2023’ promise.

It’s worth noting that when the truck was first revealed in 2019, Tesla quoted a $39,900 USD (roughly $54,400 CAD at the time) price tag for the vehicle.

During a Tesla shareholder’s meeting last August, Musk said that “a lot has changed” since then and the Cybertruck’s price and specifications will shift.

Source: @elonmusk