Rogers, Bell, and Telus among companies bidding on residual spectrum licences

The bid will include spectrum licenses for 2500 MHz, 600 MHz and 3500 MHz

Several telecom companies have applied to bid on leftover spectrum licenses.

According to Innovation Canada, Bell, Bragg Communications, Cogeco, Ecotel, Rogers, Sogetel, TBayTel, Telus, and Vidéotron have declared an interest.

The auction will include nine 2500 MHz licences, eight 600 MHz licences, and 25 3500 MHz licences. The latter license is what allowed Bell, Rogers, and Telus to launch 5G+ services.

This will be a sealed-bid auction “so that no bidder knows the bids of any other participant,” Innovation Canada’s website states. The highest bid will win. If a tie occurs, the parties will be asked to submit a second bid.

Source: Innovation Canada