Get free AirPods (2nd gen) when you buy an iPhone 14 from Bell

You'll need to finance the phone with Bell SmartPay and get an eligible two-year plan

iPhone 14

Bell is offering free AirPods (2nd gen) for customers who activate an iPhone 14 on Bell SmartPay with an eligible two-year plan.

Unfortunately, the deal is only for new activations and is only available while supplies last. Moreover, the AirPods will ship separately within four weeks of purchase. The offer is only available with the iPhone 14, so if you wanted the 14 Plus or one of the Pro models, you can’t get the free AirPods.

To get the iPhone 14 on SmartPay (Bell’s branding for device financing), you’ll need to pay either $30/mo or $45.42/mo, depending on whether you want to keep the phone or not.

The $30/mo price is for the ‘Device Return Option,’ which basically discounts the monthly cost of the phone if customers agree to return it (or pay the difference) after 24 months. In other words, you’re just paying $30/mo (or $720 over two years) to rent the iPhone 14.

For the $45.24/mo price, you’d end up paying $1,090.08 over two years, which is actually about $9 less than you’d pay to buy the iPhone 14 outright from Apple. Plus, with the free AirPods, it’s very worth it.

The Airpods (2nd gen) cost $179 on Apple’s website.

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