Public Mobile offering $40/mo 15GB plan for today only

Public also still has its 12GB bonus data for 12 months promo

Telus’ Public Mobile is offering a one-day-only deal on November 11th: $40/mo for 15GB of 4G data.

According to Public’s website, the plan typically costs $65/mo, but for today only is discounted to $40. Along with 15GB of 4G data, it includes unlimited Canada-wide minutes and unlimited international text and picture messaging. Moreover, the 4G data is capped at 100Mbps. The plan is only available for new activations online.

The plan also offers 3x Points-back, or about $6/mo in Points value, according to the Public Mobile website. Points, for those unfamiliar, is Public’s new rewards system — customers can collect Points by paying their bills, helping out in the community forums, and more. Learn about the system here.

While maybe not the fastest data around, Public’s $40/15GB plan seems like a solid deal, especially when you stack it up to other offers. For example, Telus’ other flanker brand, Koodo, has $60/10GB and $65/20GB plans, but no 15GB option. Saving $20/mo and getting 5 extra gigabytes? Sounds like a steal to me.

Speaking of steals, Public Mobile still has its 12GB of bonus data for 12 months deal on. If you want more than 15GB of data, there are some excellent options to consider.

You can check out Public’s $40/15GB plan here.