Code suggests Google is developing a Photos watch face for Pixel Watch

It seems like the watch face will support multiple images and cycle through them

Pixel Watch

Google appears to be prepping a Google Photos integration with Wear OS ahead of the Pixel Watch launch.

9to5Google uncovered code related to a Google Photos watch face in a teardown of the latest Photos APK. For those unfamiliar with teardowns like this, they involve cracking open an app APK (the file used to deliver an app from the Play Store and install it to your device) and digging through the code. Naturally, interpretations of code, especially for an unfinished or unreleased feature, can have inaccuracies, so it’s important to take these things with a healthy dose of skepticism.

Anyway, 9to5 found several code strings in Photos version 6.8 for Android that describe allowing users to select “watch face photos.” There are also strings that mention “Setting up watch face,” as well as options for adding and removing photos. Interestingly, the feature appears to be for WearOS, not just the Pixel Watch — the publication found that Samsung’s Galaxy Watch Wearable app was a share option.

Another interesting tidbit: the feature supports multiple pictures. One string mentions that there’s a maximum number of images you can select (although it doesn’t clarify what that number is). In other words, it seems like you’ll be able to pick several images in Photos and send them to your Wear OS watch, which will then cycle through the pictures throughout the day.

Unfortunately, that’s about all that’s known about the new Photos watch face so far. Still, it’s good to see Google working on watch faces. We’ve already seen quite a few potential watch face options for the Pixel Watch, but the more, the merrier.

Header image credit: Google

Source: 9to5Google