Nintendo Switch console sales dropped 23 percent this past quarter

Microsoft and Sony recently reported similar declines in gaming business

Nintendo Switch system sales fell 23 percent to 3.43 million units in the quarter ending June 30th, the Japanese tech giant reported in its Q1 2023 earnings.

Specifically, standard Nintendo Switch sales were down 60 percent to 1.32 million units during this time, while Switch Lite sales dropped nearly 50 percent to 0.59 million. Meanwhile, 1.52 million units of the Switch OLED were sold.

To date, 111 million Switch consoles have been sold, making it the fifth best-selling console of all time. Notably, this is just shy of the PS4’s lifetime sales, which currently sit at around 117 million, so it will no doubt pass that mark in the coming months.

In terms of Q1 2023 Nintendo game releases, Nintendo Switch Sports, which was released in late April, was the biggest seller at 4.84 million copies, followed by Mario Strikers: Battle League and Kirby and the Forgotten Land at 1.91 and 1.88 million, respectively.

Overall, Nintendo’s Q1 2023 operating profit dropped 15 percent to 101.6 billion yen (about $963.7 million CAD), below analyst estimates. Nintendo attributed the declines to “the effects of supply shortages in semiconductors and other components among other factors.”

To that point, Xbox and PlayStation also saw numbers drop in their latest respective earnings reports, which were both published last week. Therefore, this isn’t a reflection on Nintendo, but rather, larger market trends affecting gaming as a whole.

Source: Nintendo