Samsung to reportedly ditch Galaxy S22 FE to make more S22 Ultras

It all comes down to chip shortages

A couple of weeks ago, SamMobile pointed out that Samsung might have plans to cancel the Galaxy S22 FE, but now the Dutch-based publication is expanding on why the tech giant plans to make this change.

According to SamMobileone of the company’s goals is to increase sales of its top-of-the-line flagship, the S22 Ultra. Samsung reportedly plans to manufacture three million Galaxy S22 FE units this year, but now that plan has changed.

Samsung had to decide whether to make more S22 Ultras that are already selling well or launch the S22 FE. While not directly mentioned, it’s likely that Samsung also considered its high number of unsold phones in the decision.

Back in June, reports indicated Samsung was sitting on 50 million unsold phones, mostly comprised of its lower-cost Galaxy A-series. Although the S22 FE is not part of the A-series, it may compete with some of those smartphones and hinder efforts to clear out that inventory.

However, SamMobile has heard that the South Korean phone maker will launch the Galaxy S23 FE in 2023. It aims to sell three million units of the device when it launches in the second half of 2023. However, plans can change, so only time will tell.

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Source: SamMobile