Telus and Shaw hold onto top spots for mobile and broadband speeds: Ookla

Despite claiming the top spot, Telus' overall download speeds decreased by almost 18 percent

Telus and Shaw continue to dominate the mobile and fixed broadband fields in Canada, Ookla’s second quarter report reveals.

Telus is the fastest mobile operation, with a median download speed of 79.09Mbps, holding onto the title on Ookla’s Speedtest since Q3 2020.

Despite claiming the top spot, it’s important to note the company’s media speeds decreased over the past three months, a trend also seen in its big three partners Bell and Rogers.

Telus didn’t have similar success with 5G performance. The recent results show that Canada didn’t produce a “statistical winner,” but Bell and Telus led the way with speeds of 139.75Mbps and 137.17Mbps, respectively. Telus held the top spot in the last quarterly report the company produced.

Rogers 5G performance also decreased, going from speeds of 102.81Mbps in Q1 to speeds of 93.06 Mbps in Q2.

Rogers does report to have the fastest upload speeds with 9.21Mbps, as well as the lowest latency score among the big three. Bell and Telus score the same in latency with 26.

Fixed broadband

Shaw is the fastest fixed broadband provider, with a median download speed of 209.44Mbps. Shaw has held this title since Ookla’s Q1 2021 report.

Rogers takes second, with speeds of 197.94Mbps, and Bell is third with speeds of 137.98Mbps.

Shaw drops down to third place when looking at upload speeds. Ookla reports Shaw’s speeds at 57.96Mbps. Bell has the fastest upload speeds in this section with 106.81Mbps. Telus is second with 93.30Mbps.

Device information

Ookla also examined some of the fastest mobile devices available in Canada and found there was no statistical winner for the quarter. The same results are reported for manufacturer information. The analysis shows Samsung and Apple devices report similar download, upload, and latency scores.

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Source: Ookla