Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra to sell 11 million units in 2022

There is little news on the sales of the other Galaxy S22 phones

Samsung has reportedly turned its sales plateau around with the popular Galaxy S22 Ultra.

While reviewers were initially bored by the S22 Ultra’s redesign as a Galaxy Note device, it appears that consumers were eager to get their hands on the large phone that includes an S-Pen.

That being said, the statistic that’s floating around says this puts the S22 Ultra on track to be the best-selling Note device in the past few years. Since Samsung didn’t release a Note in 2021, this isn’t saying much.

Samsung was in a reported sales slump during 2021, with both the S20 and S10 series outselling the S21 series, according to Android Authority. That said, those numbers included all the phones in the series. This year, Samsung is only sharing numbers regarding the Ultra tier of the phone.

None of this discredits the S22 Ultra, which is a stellar device with top-of-the-line specs, an included stylus and four rear cameras. You can read our full review of the phone here.

Source: 9to5Google, Android Authority