Sony is reportedly releasing three new gaming headsets with spatial audio

No information about a tenative release date or pricing was mentioned

Sony might be preparing to drop three new gaming headsets, as part of a new “Inzone” hardware lineup. The information comes via a @OnLeaks leak, reported on by 91Mobiles.

The three new headphones, namely, Sony Inzone H3, Sony Inzone H7 and Sony Inzone H9 are all expected to feature 360-degree spatial audio, and are likely designed to work on PC and Sony consoles, similar to the Pulse headset.

Sony Inzone H3

The Inzone H3 is a wired headset and comes with an attached black stem mic. The headphone is marked with Sony’s branding above the left earcup and has an LED indicator, likely to display battery levels.

The wired headphone features a USB Type-C port, a button for ambient sound mode, and a volume scroll wheel under the mic.

Sony Inzone H7

The Inzone H7 looks identical to the H3, albeit with different button placement and a wireless connectivity option.

Additionally, the mic stem on the H7 is White in colour, in contrast to the H3’s black-coloured mic stem. The head strap also appears to have an extra mechanism (at the spot where the head strap joins the earcup), which likely would allow you to swivel and adjust the headset and wear it comfortably.

The headset’s right earcup features a button to toggle between Game/Chat, a Bluetooth button, and a power on/off button. The Sony Inzone H7 includes a USB Type-C cable as well as a USB dongle for connecting the headset to a PC.

Sony Inzone H9

The Inzone H9 is reportedly the most premium of the bunch. The wireless headset features a LED light on the earcup, alongside the same button placement as the Inzone H7. It comes with a USB Type-C cable and a USB dongle to connect the headset to a PC. In addition to 360-degree spatial audio, which is available on all of the headsets, the H9 is the only one of the trio that features noise cancellation.

It is currently unknown when, and for what price, Sony will release the headsets.

Image credit: 91Mobiles

Source: 91Mobiles