Umlaut says Rogers offers fastest internet speeds in Canada

Rogers beats out Telus and Bell

In its first-ever report focusing on fixed broadband in Canada, advisory firm Umlaut has given Rogers its top honour.

The telecom company is awarded “Best in Test” and has the fastest upload and download internet speeds.

Rogers received a score of 929 out of a possible 1000 points. Telus has 910 points and Bell 903.

It’s not clear entirely clear how Umlaut came to this decision given the way they collected information, according to the methodology section of their report.

“Crowd-data” was used to collect information that led to the certificate. The company “integrated background diagnosis processes into thousands of diverse Android apps” that collected real-world data on user experience. It’s unclear how this information was applicable to fixed broadband since the methodology seems to be focusing on mobile services.

The company notes no personal user data is collected.

Image credit: Umlaut

While Canada has several internet service providers, the Big Three were selected based on a number of factors, including the number of lines each provider has and geography.

It’s also worth noting other results looking at the best fixed broadband service in Canada had different results. Recent statistics from Ookla showed Shaw offered the fastest fixed broadband speeds in Canada and Rogers came in second.

Overall, many of the analyses Umlaut has done put Rogers in a positive light. In a report released in July 2021, Umlaut reported Rogers having the best network performance. Rogers was awarded the same distinction in 2020 as well.

This isn’t the first time a telecom giant has been told it’s the best in something year after year, as we’ve seen with Telus’ mobile success in Ookla’s reports. 

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Source: Rogers