[Update] Koodo and Virgin Plus offering $58/15GB plan

Both plans are limited-time offers -- it's not clear how long they'll stick around

Koodo and Virgin logos on phones

Update 01/25/22 at 01:19pm ET: Since publishing this story, Koodo has changed its $60/15GB plan to a $58/15GB plan, matching Virgin’s offer. Additionally, it appears Koodo no longer offers the $5/mo bill credit.

Koodo’s updated $58/15GB plan.

Both Koodo and Virgin Plus are offering new 15GB plans for a limited time. The new plans come just days after Koodo changed up its plans. On the surface, it looks like Virgin has a better deal, but Koodo’s offering a $5/mo bill credit that makes it the better offer.

Starting with Koodo, the Telus flanker brand recently rolled out a $60/mo 12GB plan to replace its $55/10GB plan after Rogers’ Fido did the same. Now, just two days later, Koodo has changed the $60/12GB plan to a $60/15GB plan.

Koodo’s website specifies that the $60/15GB plan is actually a 10GB plan with a bonus 5GB of data. It’s not immediately clear if the 5GB bonus is temporary or if it drops off the plan at a certain time, but the website does note that the plan is a limited-time offer. Moreover, the $5/mo bill credit is still available and still lasts 24 months, meaning that if you get this plan, you could pay $55/mo for 15GB for two years.

Koodo’s new $60/15GB plan with a $5/mo bill credit.

The plan is available both on Koodo’s BYOP and Tab options and includes unlimited Canada-wide minutes, unlimited text and picture messaging, call display, voicemail, call waiting, and conference calling. You can check it out here.

Virgin Plus, on the other hand, has basically the same plan for $58/mo. The Bell flanker brand did not follow Koodo and Fido in rolling out a $60/12GB plan — instead, it switched its $55/10GB plan to $58/mo and tacked on the 5GB data bonus to bring it up to 15GB total.

Like Koodo, Virgin’s website notes that the $58/15GB plan is a limited-time offer and is really just a 10GB plan with a bonus 5GB. It’s not clear if the 5GB bonus is temporary. Unlike Koodo, Virgin doesn’t offer a bill credit with the plan.

Virgin’s plan also includes unlimited Canada-wide minutes and messaging and is available for BYOP customers and those looking to get a new phone. You can check out Virgin’s plans here.

As of writing, Fido still offers a $60/12GB plan with bill credit and has not joined Virgin and Koodo in offering a 15GB plan instead.