Apple CarKey feature may finally expand beyond BMW vehicles

Legacy automakers need to move faster to keep up with the tech world

A new leak courtesy of Mark Gurman’s Bloomberg Power On newsletter suggests that Hyundai’s top-tier Genisis brand might soon feature Apple CarKey support.

CarKey was first shown off during WWDC 2021 and only currently works on select BMW models. It allows you to save a digital key to your Apple Wallet to make remote starting and unlocking your vehicle easier. You can also then use your phone as a key to start your car,

Gurman says that the update will roll out in the summer, which suggests that Apple might update us with more CarKey info at WWDC 2022.

Google offers similar functionality through Android, but like Apple’s CarKey, it only works with BMW cars and with the Pixel 6 and Galaxy S21 series devices.

Several automakers offer their own proprietary apps that allow users to start/unlock their cars and more with a smartphone. However, this version of the technology from Apple and Google is compelling because it enables you to use the functionality without unlocking your phone and opening that app.

Source: Bloomberg