TD joins DIY investing craze with launch of new mobile stock trading app TD Easy Trade

The app features videos, expert advice, and commission-free trades

Investing is one of the few trends that have stood the test of time over the last year. A plethora of free tips and knowledge on social media and apps that make trading simple has made it easy for many to get into investing and stick to it.

Now TD wants to jump on the growing trend by launching its new mobile stock trading app TD Easy Trade.

Incorporating the basics that made trading trendy, the app features a platform that’s easy to navigate and educational videos that can help people get started on their own.

TD Easy Trade offers no monthly fees and 50 commission-free stock trades a year. Unlimited commission-free trades are also available on all Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). Customers can also open accounts in U.S. dollars to avoid conversion costs.

A survey conducted as part of the app’s development found 74 percent of those surveyed felt like they needed experience before investing. A further 30 percent never took part in the practice because they believed they didn’t have funds to do so. The new app hopes to change this mindset.

Download the app on iOS and Android.

Image credit: ShutterStock

Source: TD Bank Group