SaskTel drops prices on internet, data plans and devices for Boxing Week

The iPhone 13 is available for as low as $15 per month

As with all the other carriers in the country (seriously check our deals page), SaskTel has dropped a plethora of discounts and sales on its products for ‘Boxing Week.’

As much as I want to comment on the fact that I thought Boxing Week was after December 24th, let’s just hop into the deals.

Below are all of the carrier’s offers:


When it comes to wireless deals, SaskTel is offering people either a discount on a new device or $20 off per month on a plan when they buy a new phone. As far as I can tell, the phone discounts are quite substantial, with the iPhone 13 being knocked down to $359 upfront or $15 per month ($770 off) on a two year plan

You can check out the plans and devices here.

Accessory deals

These deals are less substantial but may apply to some people in specific circumstances. The first deal takes 20 percent off the purchase of two or more cases and the second just discounts on Galaxy Watches and Galaxy Buds. Other items like Nest Mini and the Chromecast are also on sale.

You can browse those deals here.

TV + Internet bundle deals

If you sign up for a TV plus SakTel’s 150 download speed internet on a two-year plan, you’ll get a $100 bonus credit. When bundled together, the plan is only $85 a month as well. There are two other options that feature the same internet speeds but switch up the TV package included.

You can view all three bundles here.

Internet deals

If you just want an internet package, there are a few deals for you as well — at least if you’re a new subscriber to the company. Sasktel is also offering a free year of its Optimum internet service, but that’s just an upgraded router and Wi-Fi extender. You’re likely better off investing in your own gear and avoiding this since it’s an extra $10 per pay period after the free year.

The cheapest plan starts at $65 per month for 150Mbps down and 75Mbps up if you’re a new subscriber. This deal is only valid for the first two years and then it’s $10 more expensive if you stay in a contract after that, and $20 more expensive if you decide to leave the contract but stay with SakTel month-to-month. The most expensive plan starts at $125 per month and gets 940Mbps down and 500Mbps up.

You can view and compare the internet plans here.

Source: SaskTel