Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are back online [Update]

It's back

Update 04/10/2021 6:36pm ET: Facebook has tweeted that its services have been restored.

Update 04/10/2021 6:08pm ET: Facebook’s services are coming online back slowly. I can log onto Facebook and message people on Instagram, although I still can’t share TikToks on my Stories. There is still no official update from Facebook, however.

Update 04/10/2021 4:53 pm ET:
Mike Schroepfer, Facebook’s CTO, recently tweeted that the social media giant is working as fast as possible to debug and restore its various platforms. According to The Verge, Facebook is sending engineers to its data centers to fix the problem.

Cloudfare senior vice president Dane Knecht recently tweeted that Facebook’s border gateway protocol has been withdrawn from the internet. BGPs are what are used for networks to select the best path to deliver internet traffic.

The National’s Joyce Karam reports that Facebook’s current issues are unlikely related to a hack. Further, she says that some Facebook employees are unable to enter the company’s office due to their key cards not working.

Update 04/10/2021 1:45pm ET: Facebook has released an official tweet regarding the outage.

The original story reads as follows:

Facebook and Instagram are currently down as of roughly 11:30am ET/8:30am PT.

Outage tracking service DownDetector indicates a significant spike in Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp issue reports. Even Facebook’s Workplace variant is down. Oculus is also down, and users are unable to load games they’ve already installed.

In my experience, Instagram messages aren’t sending and my feed won’t update. Facebook also won’t load at all, and I’m unable to log into my RayBan Stories.

It’s unclear what the cause of Facebook’s latest outage is. The last time the media giant’s several platforms went down was on May 19th.