Ford increasing production for F-150 Lightning electric truck

The company is hoping to build 80,000 EV trucks every year

Ford is investing an extra $250 million USD (roughly $318 million CAD) to boost production and add more electric vehicle-related (EV) jobs to its production facilities.

The automaker says that this investment will add a total of 450 jobs and bring Ford’s Lightning production capacity up to 80,000 per year. This seems like a nice amount of trucks, but since the company is sitting on over 130,000 pre-orders, it will be over a year before everyone who wants one gets one.

The first trucks should start rolling out to consumers and dealerships in the spring of 2022.

These numbers are nothing to scoff at and Ford getting into the electric truck game is a big deal, but these stats illustrate how small the EV market actually is for the automaker. For comparison, Ford sold 900,000 F-150 trucks on average every year before the pandemic.

Over the next few years, with  Tesla, Rivian, GM and Ford all releasing electric trucks, it will be interesting to see what company becomes the next major North American truck supplier.

Image credit: Ford 

Via: Engadget